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    Hey everyone,

    Ive made a lot of progress since I switched to primal/paleo. Im in pretty good shape outside of some chest fat. Any particularly good methods for losing chest fat/moobs? Ive lost the majority of my body fat but some still seems to cling here. I eat super clean, IF regularly, lift 3-4 times a week, and do sprints once a week. Im generally pretty ripped, but I really would like to perfect this. These pictures makes it look a lot better than it is cause I'm cold and my skin is all tight. Normally looks much worse than this. Any help would be greatly appreciated It looks fine from the front, especially when its cold, but it often looks much much worse than this. If it was always like this, id have no complaints


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    You're pretty ripped. It looks like about the slightest case of gyno. I don't want to tell you what you can and can't do, but it generally requires surgery to fix.


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      IMO, you have a Hormone Imbalance.

      Here are some threads to look into:

      This diet is all about re-balancing Hormones.
      Except for your moobs, you look REALLY great !

      I think it is worth asking your question about Moobs to the experts on this thread:

      My own opinion is that you should optimize your Omega3/Omega6 fatty acid intake to reduce o6 & increase O3
      Also increase your fat burning metabolism by consuming Coconut Oil with every meal, at least a heaping tbsp full.
      I also think that over time, your moobs will naturally fade away with everything that you are doing. Just keep it up and be patient.

      Surgery? NO WAY - I would see a Hormone Doctor before doing that.
      BTW) "Tribulous Fuel" is a popular supplement that boosts Testosterone levels.

      Best of luck to you,
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        Thank you so much Grizz. Seriously, I've been working at this for months. As you can see, I've really put a lot of work in!! I used to be 180 lbs, now I'm around 140. Its just super frustrating to get so far and not be able to perfect it. Ill go through all these links you provided and keep working at it. If its possible to fix it, I know I can pull it off. I just need to know the best strategy for attacking the fat. Thank you!!


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          You've lost 40 lbs and that is a major accomplishment. The Doctor guiding this thread where I want you to ask your question

          had lost 150 lbs and is now RIPPED. A major part of his work involves re-balancing Hormones through diet. I think you are a prime candidate, but please get a 2nd opinion in that thread.
          More about this here: