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    Hey everyone, I have been following a paleo/primal lifestyle for around 3 months now. I have lost most of the body fat I had, and have become substantially stronger. However, right now it feels like I have hit a plateau. My progress has slowed, and my body weight is about the same. Im not seeing any significant differences in my physique when I look in the mirror and I feel like my results have slowed. The one good thing is that my strength is continuing to increase (I'm lifting heavier and heavier things). Have I hit a plateau in terms of losing body fat? I would like to perfect my body and lose the last bits of fat I have left (mainly in my chest and a thin layer around the bottom of my abs).

    In essence, is there something I should change up, or should I just be more patient in waiting for results? I am ready to switch to an even lower level of carbs but I would estimate that I eat between 100 and 150 daily right now. How long does the paleo diet take to perfect a person's body? Thanks in advance!!!

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    After 3 mo you've lost most of your body fat, sounds like you did it in 3 months! Seriously, though, it all just depends on what you want. If you are happy with your weight, just keep eating and exercising primally and you will only get better and better. I know in my case, it took about 6 mo to get to a weight I liked, but 6 mo later, I still have some excess flab I'd love to lose. I quit stressing about it and just eat and exercise and figure some day it will be gone.


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      You might try something like a Whole 30, just to be sure there isn't something (dairy? cheats?) buggering your ability to lose more. Cutting carbs a little (to, say, 75-100g daily -- nothing extreme) might help. Do you do REAL sprint workouts about once a week?

      Or, as otzi says, you might just need more time.
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