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  • What schedule do you follow?

    I've noticed a slight change in the workout regime that Mark recommends.

    In an old post, here - Primal Blueprint Workout Plan: The Basics | Mark's Daily Apple, he recommends one sprint, one HIIT, two lifting sessions.

    But, I've noticed that recently, a lot of regiments that he publishes have one sprint, two lifting sessions, than 4 rest/play/move slow days.

    I know most people do their own thing, but for those that follow more of what Mark posts, or uses it as a template, what do you follow?

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    I was doing 3 LHT mon., wed. and Fri. and sprints on Sunday. Just pulled a hammy yesterday, so doing LHT on the 3 days.


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      this depends on what you are after. pretty much, the recommendation is to LHT 2-3 times per week, sprint once, and do plenty of moving, playing and resting. but, that's a general recommendation. if you want to get strong, lean toward 3 lifting days. if you're after fat loss, add a second sprinting or HIIT day. all these things will contribute to less fat and more muscle over time, but you can tailor your workouts to your goals.

      if it helps, i used to two LHT days and two HIIT days, but i was lifting pretty heavy (relative to my weight), and needed the extra time between lifting. now, i do body weight M,W,F, sprint on tuesdays, and move/play whenever i can, and i'm a lot better for it, both physically and mentally.


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        I do my LHT on M & W; move slowly/rest on T, TH, & Sun; sprints on F; and HIIT on Sat... that is, I would be if I wasn't so starved for sleep lately =\
        "One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well." -Virginia Woolf