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    Hi All-

    Was anyone there this weekend? It was a blast! Great group of people and quite a challenge.


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    I was not there, but I'm training for the December event in Tampa. One of my worries are the obstacles. Not whether I can complete them, but if you have to wait to complete them because of lines, etc. Was this your experience? Were there any holdups at the obstacles? My buddy and I are trying to compete for an top 5% finish, hoping to qualify for the Worlds Toughest Mudder.


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      I ran the 10:40 wave on Sunday, and it was pretty sweet! My biggest complaint was the giant pileup at the half-pipe that resulted in me standing around for way too long right after being doused with water - my legs just straight up seized up on me!

      As a bonus, I did the whole thing fasted, just to show carb cycling is unnecessary when you are adapted to fat burning.


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        Bummer, not happy to hear about the lines at obstacles. Tough Mudder said they had resolved this issue. For me, it takes all the competition out of the race if you get a chance to wait and catch your breath. I may end up being the guy that cuts in line for the sake of getting a competitive time.


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          That will be kind of counter-productive after you take the "this is not a race but a challenge" oath, haha. Go for it, enjoy yourself, but try not to be "that guy". Kyle, you should try to get out in the first wave possible so you have the least bottlenecks.

          The half-pipe bottleneck was a little ridiculous; clearly they had not been doing their sprint workouts! @Scotch, badass with your fasted run. I'm going to try to do a more primal training (vibrams, mega hiking/hills) for my next mudder. A wonderful event full of cool people for sure


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            No worries. I couldn't be that guy even if I tried. It just makes me upset that they can't fix that problem.