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Injury in left shoulder

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  • Injury in left shoulder

    I've sustained an injury, or should I say a 'twinge' in my right shoulder. I have been waiting almost 3 weeks now for it to 'sod off', but to be honest, it's no better. It can be best explained...when I raise my arms in a 'lat raise' position, or any arm movement, where the arm traverses behind my back, or if I'm standing and i'm miming a wall-pressup movment, the shoulder communicates that something is still twinging there. I'm no sport physician, but I think it's one of my deltoids.

    I discovered this twinge, funny enough, after a 3 day weekend and coming back to weights on the monday. I knew as I was warming up something was wrong. 3 weeks later here I am, no better. I said I was going to give it til Christmas, but I am getting the workout shakes, and I want to know how I can help the process?

    I would understand if I've been dumb with the weights, or have been practicing bad form, but this was not sustained after a workout/exercuse, but this is something out the blue!

    What on earth could it be? Sleeping position?

    edit: right shoulder Title is wrong.

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    shit, bolivar, that sucks.

    if you've read my injury thread, you'll see that an injury is not fun, and that i feel your pain right now.

    but the good news is that my knee feels much, MUCh better today, so i think i'll be okay.

    for you, it doesn't look so good. three weeks is a long time now, i suggest some more rest and you should consider sleeping position, this is a great point.

    try to fall asleep on your back.


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      I think you have the same injury I had. It felt like something deep inside one of the deltoids, and it ached. What happened to me is that it stayed pretty bad for ~3 months, then slowly got better. It took about 7 months (three weeks ago) before the last of the residual pain went away. I was, however, able to lift (carefully) with the injury without aggravating it. I would recommend very slow shoulder stretches, as well, to help reduce pain.



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        I think it's a tad better, still a tad tetchy when I do a 'lat raise' movement. I will give it til Xmas and hope for the best.


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          Sounds like your rotator cuff.


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            This sounds almost exactly like what I've had going on in my left shoulder this year. I attribute it to either the bench press or shoulder press while doing Starting Strength earlier this year. What helped me was I stopped Starting Strength and took an entire month off from weight lifting. It's much better now. I can still feel it there occasionally but there's no longer pain or discomfort.
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              check out mobility work out of the day ( i think). the position of the shoulder when doing certain movements can create these sorts of problems,a nd his web site and information is AMAZING for preventing and healing these sorts of issues.


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                Seated rear delt raises. Side delt raises. Front delt raises. Use light weight dumbells, slow movement, good straight arms for form. Delts are small muscles. It's easy to blast them with upright rows and overhead presses. Behind the head overhead presses will really blast them. Even bad shoulder slumped forward posture will hurt them. They need strengthend. Use light dumbells or bands and keep working them. My experience has been not moving and babying it will only make it stiffen worse and hurt more to move.


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                  I hurt my left shoulder in July on vacation. I also thought it would get better with time. It did clear up a little. I went to my doctor to have it checked out and found out I had a full tear in my RC. Just had surgery 4 weeks ago and I am just getting ready to come out of the sling in a week. 5 month's of PT and around a year to get totally back to normal. HAVE YOURSELF CHECKED BY YOUR DOCTOR!!! It could be worse than you think...

                  Just sayin'


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                    Head to a physio and get an ultrasound, they'll tell you straight away what the problem is. Happened to me after a mountain bike crash, after 2 trips 2 hospital and 2 to the doctor where they told me it was inflamed, I went to pyhsio who was able to tell me I had torn my rotator cuff in 2 places, and also needed shoulder stabilisation surgery. 3 screws later and i'm all better.

                    Hopefull yours is something simple!
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                      I've started to incorporate some shovel glove (sledge hammer workouts) for 14 mins. It's actually helping, and feels so good to work the upper body again! I'm not doing any striking (e.g tire strikes), just stuff like rowing and 'stoking the fire'.

                      Feels good man.


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                        it does sound like rotator cuff and /or ac joint issues. having the exact same problem, to the point I cannot reach behind my back or do any bench or overhead presses. had it checked out by an orthopedic doctor and his diagnosis was a strained rotator cuff and I have Distal Clavicular Osteolysis. and that is just a fancy word for saying my ac joint ( especially the end of my collarbone) has gotten overly stressed and needs time to repair itself
                        have to lay off the pressing movements and start doing rotator cuff exercises for the next 6 weeks ,major bummer
                        can force you into doing things you should be doing anyway. Lessons
                        come from adversity. Anything can happen to anyone... You can find a
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                          Subscribed. I'm having the same sort of pain in my right shoulder. Though, if I hold my form correctly I can do bench press and overhead shoulder presses (dumbbell) with no pain. The lateral delt. raise is the motion where I feel it the most. I'll have to look up the shovel glove info...


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                            Originally posted by Mr. Koozie View Post
                            This sounds almost exactly like what I've had going on in my left shoulder this year. I attribute it to either the bench press or shoulder press while doing Starting Strength earlier this year. What helped me was I stopped Starting Strength and took an entire month off from weight lifting. It's much better now. I can still feel it there occasionally but there's no longer pain or discomfort.
                            I had the same issue on my right side, and found it to be bench press, there is only one solid, very firm bench at my gym. The rest are kind of foamy and you sink a little bit into them. That foamy bench sunk in on my right side more then I expected (probably wasn't straight down the middle of the bench) and took out my right shoulder for a month. Had to unfortunately go the whole month and a couple weeks because of stubborn attempts to resume early. I'd take it easy and do some bodyweight exercises if they don't agitate the injury OP.


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                              Take the hand of your injured arm and place it on the opposite shoulder. Raise your elbow from your chest to your forehead while keeping your hand on the opposite shoulder. Does it hurt at the point of the injured shoulder? Do the other side as well. This is a test for subacromial impingement and is typical in people who train too many pressing movements. Good training practice is to match pushing and pulling both in volume and along the same planes of motion. Not doing so causes the shoulder joint to sit improperly and eventually leads to problems both in pain and function. The hard part about dealing with it is you need to modify everyday activities.

                              Whenever you are in a seated position you need to make sure you are sitting up tall with your scapula retracted and depressed (PUll them behind you and toward your ass)

                              When you are driving in the car your head needs to be back against the head rest.

                              If you sleep on your side you need to stack pillows so your head is supported and you are not lying on a jammed shoulder.

                              Focus on tall posture at all times

                              It could also be tendonitis, an RC tear, bursitis, etc. If you test positive for SA impingement you are going to need to fix that before the other stuff anyway because it will just come back. Healthy shoulders don't hurt.