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  • Need help from the gym rats

    Okay, I'm doing pretty good with the PB fitness plan and use my sandbag, sledgehammer, etc, when I'm home but, I travel a good bit and may or may not have access to some type of fitness facility. I cannot travel with my sandbag and sledgehammer for obvious reasons.

    If I have no access, I'm stuck with body weight exercises but if I have access to a fitness facility, then I might as well start using them. The problem is that because I move around a bit, the setup is not constant. Usually it is machines, sometimes free weights but not usually. Offshore companies don't like to put free weights in the fitness rooms for safety reasons and hotels and the like don't usually have free weights for liability reasons.

    I need a few basic exercises that I could do on machines or duplicate with free weights if I have them around. Since I am an extreme newbie to the weight training thing, I could use some advice. Also steering me towards a book that I could buy would be a good thing also.

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    I've had a lot of success with Convict Conditioning, which is like an advanced version of the Primal Blueprint Fitness book. The only equipment needed is a pullup bar of some sort.

    Also check out the TRX, or other suspension trainers. They allow you to do bodyweight workouts on rings, but are convenient to travel with and can be used just about anywhere. There were times when I used this (my homemade version) as a supplement to the Convict Conditioning. There are tons of videos on youtube for TRX and all the different things you can do with them.


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      all hotels have ice.
      offshore rigs have tools, tool boxes and
      plenty of other heavy things, like collars,
      bits, lines. check the weld crib for scrap
      steel or fill a bucket w/whatever is laying
      as for exercises...set something in front of
      you; squat, raise it to chest level, then press
      it over your head. return to floor/deck and
      repeat until you cant pick it up anymore.
      continue w/the squat raise part until your
      legs quit, then do elevated pushups on
      knuckles or handstand pushups and
      call it a night. or do two more sets (:


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        Basic mostly bodyweight workout -

        Pull-ups if you can, or 1-arm dumbbell rows, or lat pulldown / rowing machine if they have that
        Crunches if you feel like doing abs that day

        Basically, a push, a pull, a legs, and an abs.