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    Hi All! Very excited today! Last night I constructed my own Bulgarian bag, using a tractor tire tube and wood pellets. Very cool, a little big but very cool. Now I have a big tire, some kettlebells, a sledgehammer, a heavy bag, jump rope, vffs, a pullup bar and my body! I rock the Simplefit workouts 3 times per week and want to do some sort of "fight cardio" circuits. Would I benefit from separating workouts such as this? Or should I just do all my anaerobic training on the same day and hike on other days? And when I say hike, its really walking around my neighborhood hills with a weighted pack and possibly my new Bulgarian bag! Any and all advice is much appreciated. I love this site and forum!!!!! (I'm also completed wired on coffee with heavy cream!) Thanks


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    Oh I also forgot to add, does anyone have any good ideas for some brutal but brief circuits?


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      Try doing some tabatas with the kettlebells. Will whoop your butt!
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