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1st workout after surgery. What should I do?

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  • 1st workout after surgery. What should I do?

    I had surgery 2 weeks ago and saw my doc for a follow up today in which he said i could start some light exercise. I've veen walking and doing some light bike and stair stepper for the last 4 days but id like to go back to some light lifting or body weight stuff.

    anyone have some easy fullbody routine or something i could bang through? i also have a set of bands i could use.

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    you might consider turkish get ups. al kavadlo has some videos on it.


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      It really depends on the nature of the surgery and how well you have recovered. I'd recommend on doing what you are comfortable with, and if unsure, check with the doctor.
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        what type of surgery did you have?
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          what type of surgery did you have, a tooth surgery? or maybe they cut you good? i don't know, you see, details are missing.

          but either way, i would wait a little to start lifting. when you're cut open your body is all messed up, it needs time to heal. then you want to go and put 400 pounds and squat it deep? that's no good, man, that's no good.


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            it was galbladder removal.

            i just did a pyramid of knee push-ups/to squats/to pull-ups starting at 1 rep then up to 10 of each and then back down. Also through in some band presses/pulls and some shoulder/arm work. tried turkish getups but cant quite do that yet.


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              I had ankle surgery last year so I hobbled into the gym on my crutches and worked out on the machines. That's the only time I used the machines because I didn't have to stabilize myself as much. I guess you'd want to be really careful about not exerting too much abdominal pressure. Do what you can do. While you need to rest and heal, resistance training was the best anti-inflammatory and I healed in half the time the doctor predicted.
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