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Help me support my dance habit?

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  • Help me support my dance habit?

    I am having trouble figuring out the best ways to incorporate bodyweight exercises and sprinting with my twice-weekly Afro-Brazilian dance classes. The dance classes are of primary importance to me, so I can't be tired from something else on Sunday or Tuesday. I'm also 47, which for me means I have a good 30 years of former injuries, plus it takes me a while to recover from any maximal effort.

    When I sprint, I use our semi-recumbent exercise bike, to avoid tweaking old running injuries.

    To improve my dancing, I really need stronger legs (for explosive jumps and crouching movements), better core strength for balance, and better aerobic capacity, so I'm not dying for air at the end (or in the middle) of the more vigorous choreographies.

    Would it make sense to do my sprinting and leg strength on Thursdays (giving a day off from the Tues. night class, and two days before the Sunday class)? The upper body and core stuff I can fit in around the rest, though I'm very much open to any suggestions.

    Also... by the end of the week, I'm pretty significantly under-slept (I'm working on it). I know it's recommended to get sleep pulled together before IFing--would the same hold true for sprinting?

    I know this is all ridiculously specific, but I would so appreciate any words of advice from those more knowledgeable than I about strength and recovery.

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    Fixing the sleep will probably help more than anything else.
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