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  • Impressed with slow burn

    So I've been weight training regularly (after a many year hiatus) as of two months ago. I had been lifting full body (heavy weights) twice a week. One set, 8 - 12 reps, to muscle failure. Doing it every three or four days. I had been doing pullups and chinups, pushups, squats, and a plethora of other weights, usually two per muscle group. And I got up to 14 pushups when feeling optimal.

    Then I read Slow Burn and decided to give it a spin. I liked the idea of working less and getting more. So three weeks ago I started slow burn. I would do one set of SLOOOOOOW pullups (using a chair under my legs to assist me), and one of chin ups (again with chair). Then I would do some free weight exercises for my back, followed by chest, shoulders, legs. Outside of one set of crunches (on one of those big red exercise balls), the only other core exercises I do are a variety of plank exercises.

    Well, yesterday, I pulled a muscle in my leg sprinting (never been hurt before from exercises or running), so I didn't really feel up to a full workout today. So on a whim, I did some fast pullups/chinups and some regular pushups (rather than the slow burn).

    So after three weeks of slow burn pushups (which are tough!), my max went from 14 to 21, and I'm not even feeling at my best today. I was able to crank out three unassisted pullups (before I had problems doing one unassisted), followed by two unassisted chinups. What a difference!

    Definitely gonna stick with slow burn for a while, I've got to admit that the thirty minute workouts every five days are easy on the schedule even if it is thirty minutes of excruciating agony!