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Please, some ideas for sprinting programms!

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  • Please, some ideas for sprinting programms!

    Coming from a background of middle/long distance running (1500 m-10.000 m) I am quite familiar with interval training. From time to time I still aim at geting in shape for long distance events and I know what to do...But I would like to try to incorporate "real" sprints into my routine of running and strength training, especially during periods when I donīt compete. My "shortest" training distance has been 200 m so far (10 times 200 m with a 200 m jog as a break after each interval, than 10 times 200m again, typical middle-distance training, probably too slow to count as sprint). So how looks "real" sprint training like? And can I incorporate it into a slow jog (like 20 minutes warm-up and 20 min cool down)? I am in a decent shape so I can jog at 65-70% heart rate or should I just walk as a warm-up? Or no warm-up? I would also like to know, from your experience, how effective is sprinting in building muscles in the lower body as compared to weighted squats and lunges (which I do)?
    Thank you!