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How much training is enough? How much is too much?

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  • How much training is enough? How much is too much?

    I have been doing Primal Blueprint for 6 weeks now and am having a hard time losing body fat/weight. What I am curious about is who here is sticking to the fitness plan laid out in PB Fitness (two lifting heavy things, one sprint, and the 3-5 hrs of low intensity cardio per week) and how is it working for you? It seems that everyone who has shared on here is doing a lot more than that and I am confused. What gives? Thanks for the help!

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    Exercise is relatively unimportant in weightloss. It is more important to heal your metabolism and eat the right diet. Indeed, if you are leptin resistant you should avoid intense exercise. Search "leptin reset" for more
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      I would kinda like an answer to this one as well. For those eating primal, how many have gotten the cut look on the recommended 2 LHT and 1 sprint per week? It seems that so few in the success stories thread are doing that little.


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        When I started to lose weight, I was walking for 1 hr a day, and slowly built up to ~ 3 hrs of activity a day (which as a mistake in the end, but I digress). I was not heavily overweight, or doing Primal at the time & I kept weight loss at about 2 lbs a week. I would suggest starting with less & balancing appetite at a losing level of activity, then add gradually, paying attention to recovery, than starting with too much, undererecovering and putting appetite out of wack. Particulary if your appetite is strongly impacted by your activity level and intensity level.
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          I walk my dog every morning (1/2 mile) before work. I play a bit of tennis once or twice per week. I like to get out for a 5K (3 mile) run at least once a week at a fun pace. I do a few push-ups most days and few kettlebells swings or lifts. Just a minute or two a day of "weight training".

          Along the way I lost about 30 pounds. I don't have the "cut", but you can see my abs and I've added muscle. I still consume dairy and more sugar than I should, but I'm VERY strict on grains since I found they were the cause of my acid reflux AND asthma (no meds any longer for either).

          Your mileage my vary... but that's my experience!
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            I don't do PBF, but even as one of the very pro-exercise/training people on here, it's rarely the missing link. I'd look at things like stress and sleep first.
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              Last month, prior to my gym shutting down for annual maintenance for 2 weeks, I noticed I started building a nice little bicep. Pretty wimpy, but definitely "Oh, why, hello there."
              Took about 3 weeks of strict Primal and at least 3 days/week of LHT
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                I'd think about calories a little also, if you really aren't losing weight. When I first started eating primal, I was very physically active and cautious about carbs, but still holding steady after an initial weight drop. It wasn't until I took a look at my calorie intake that I was was able to make the tweaks that worked for me.