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    What do you guys use to track workouts?

    I'm doing a mix of crossfit exercises with the local club, and simplefit exercises, working out 4-5 times a week.

    Do you track at all? I think Mark would say once you get where you want to be, you don't need to track... but I'm still trying to burn fat and build some strength (I'm working towards my first muscle up and a free-standing handstand!) and feel like keeping track of some metrics is the only way to know if/how much I'm improving; am I on the right track with that?

    If so, on a notepad? Does anyone have a recommendation for an amazing iphone app that lets you compare your times/reps with all the other times you did the previous workout?


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    I just use a small Moleskine notebook and put the most important numbers in an excel spreadsheet. I think tracking your workouts is a great idea. Definitely motivates you to keep improving. I follow 5/3/1 which is really conducive to tracking, so it's pretty easy for me.


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      I keep a journal on this website. It's actually pretty helpful. Sometimes you don't feel any different than you did 6 months prior but you look at the numbers and see a big improvement. That's the kind of thing that motivates you to keep with a training methodology. Otherwise it's easier to let it go. Once you see the gains you've made though I think you'll want to keep it up.
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        I have a google account so I use that to track my strength training right in Google Calendar. My runs/walks/etc I use Map My Run


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          Interesting! Personally I really don't like tracking, since it stresses me and I feel it is just a "chore" I have to do. My preferred mode of working is to just do the training and I track by trying for harder exercises.

          So every once in a while I try a harder exercises that I was not able to do previously and see if it is possible at all for me to do it, or if I am getting closer, and as long as I am moving in the right direction I'm happy. =) And best of all, no excel, notebooks or tracking. But I guess we're all different. =)


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            I have a print-out of the MadCow schedule for 12 weeks, and cross out the sessions done, plus correct the weights I actually lifted. Other than that, I just make sure I do as much of moving slowly and playing with my child as I can each day, and try to fit in 1 HIIT a week.

            I used FitDay, but just like with calories, I decided that saving time for something fun & interesting is better for me because I am on a really tight schedule lately with very little personal time (I know, who isn't?).
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              I track my lifting/metcons in a note in my springpad. Not shilling for springpad here, but the nice thing about it is I can update it from my phone or any computer, so there's less of a chance I'll forget.

              I like having data, and don't find it to be a chore; rather, it's been empowering to see how my lifts have progressed.


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                I've tried a bunch of iPhone apps and hated all of them. In the end, I just jot down what I did (time/reps/weights), email them to myself, and later I enter them in a Google Spreadsheet so that I can graph my progress.

                A neat thing I did in the spreadsheet is plan out where I should be each week so I can know if I'm on schedule. Example: if my goal is to deadlift 300lbs in 8 weeks, then I spread out the increments over those 8 weeks and I draw a two line graph with the scheduled weight and the actual weight lifted. When the actual weight lifted line is above the scheduled weight, I'm winning!


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                  @PapaGrok, that sounds like a pretty good idea. If you ever want something more structured, check out 5/3/1. It basically prescribes certain reps to hit at a certain percentage of your 1-rep max. It's been working well for me. I'm going for 405 on deadlidft in about an hour (!!) so we'll see how well all my hard work and patience have paid off.


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                    @yodiewan, cool thanks. I've been doing 5x5, but my progression is stalling.

                    Good luck with 405!


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                      I have a spreadsheet in google docs based on Starting Strength. I enter the weight I'm going for and it spits out what poundages to use on the warm up sets including a breakdown of plates to stack on each bar end. I can access the doc via my phone. Been working pretty well so far except a few cosmetic things (effin commas)
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