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Carb timing question for regular lifters having success with IF/Leangains

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  • Carb timing question for regular lifters having success with IF/Leangains

    just curious when do you guys consume the bulk of your carbs on lifting days? do you spread it out or all post workout? I've also read about eating them at night and how it could be beneficial though I think Martin @ implies the bulk of calories at night.

    currently I shift between eating 1-2 meals a day (16/8 and 20/4) depending on how I feel and convenience so I'm wondering if carb timing is as important as meal timing? does it not matter so long as I'm in the ballpark regarding calories (over on lifting days, under or maintenance otherwise) and macros (lower fat/higher carb workout days, fat city other days)?

    thoughts and experiences?
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    16/8 fast/eat
    2 meals a day
    1/3 of carbs pre-workout, mostly green vegetables and fruit (50-75g)
    2/3 of carbs post-workout, almost entirely complex carbohydrate with maybe 1 piece of fruit. (150-175g)

    Best results 2 days a week with refeeds following my heaviest lifts or a very hard HIIT session. I'm leaning toward back-to-back days being most beneficial vs staggered refeeds. Ex. HIIT on Saturday, chest/back/shoulders Sunday, refeeds on each day with the rest of the week moderate fat/high protein/low carb.
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      I eat the vast majority of my carbs in my post-workout meal. I do think that that practice is a very important point of Leangains. I don't think your results would be as good if you ate the majority of your carbs pre-workout or several hours post-.

      Concerning the latest Leangains blog post about moving carb consumption later in the day: I still think that post-workout is THE optimal time to take in carbs. The studies that Martin cited didn't factor in exercise I don't think (I may be forgetting; correct me if I'm wrong). I think resistance training is a "game-changer" in this case. I could be wrong, but I believe that resistance training has a greater impact on muscle insulin sensitivity than your circadian rhythm. What I'm trying to say is that your muscles will be more insulin sensitive than at any other time of the day, be it morning, noon, or night. And taking in carbs when your muscles are insulin sensitive is one of the reasons that Leangains works. Sorry if that was long-winded and unclear. I'm busy stuffing my face with potatoes and beef :-)