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Dumbells and Barbell Primal Workout?

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  • Dumbells and Barbell Primal Workout?


    Quick intro I,ve been Primal for just over 3 Months have lost 80lbs purely from diet alone and a bit of walking, playing football witht the kids etc.

    I now want to start the more physical side and as cash is tight I'm going the home gym route. Basically I'm looking for some ideas for a short intense workout using dumbells and a barbell. Dont have a bench but can work something out if need one. Not got a lot of weight (50kg total) so needs to be high reps I guess. Gotta be able to do inside as the weather here in the UK is currently terrible!

    I used to do a lot of weight training so know how to do all the diff movements just need some inspiration on getting it into a short intense form.

    Thanks in advance for any pointers.

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    check out the primal blueprint fitness guide. your bodyweight is the least expensive workout option there is
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      You can follow all of the workouts I post on Sandbag Fitness with dumbbells and a barbell too. Or you could get yourself a sandbag to train with too.

      Plus, I'm based in Bath so you'll have the pleasure of knowing that I'm training in crap weather too!
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        Cheers for that. Looks good. I,m not far from you I,m just near Shepton Mallet.

        Looks like I'll go find a sandbag!