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Still So Sore After Doing Weights on Tuesday!

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  • Still So Sore After Doing Weights on Tuesday!

    I've been working out since May doing mostly cardio.

    This week I started doing 2 things:

    a. I added squash court access to my gym membership - I'm not good enough to play against others yet but it definitely gets my heart rate going and I work up a sweat just volleying the ball on my own.

    b. On Monday I started the fitness routine that Mark mentioned - Sprints on Monday and then weights on Tuesday. I did 3 sets of back squats, 3 chest press, 3 rows (I didn't do the bent-over barbell ones cus I was worried I might hurt my back not knowing proper form, so I did dumbbell rows over the bench), and dips.

    My chest is mildly still sore, but my thighs are still very sore. So sore that I still walk gingerly. That said, I'm itching to workout today doing something (not weights because that isn't scheduled again until Saturday per Mark's post). According to the original routine (pasted below), today is HIIT day. I'm nervous to even attempt that due to the soreness of my thighs. But I keep thinking I need to just suck it up and go for it. Just found out that my gym just added crossfit classes to the daily schedule...

    Any advice?

    Monday Sprint
    Tuesday Lift Heavy Things
    Wednesday Move Slowly, Play or Rest
    Thursday HIIT
    Friday Move Slowly, Play or Rest
    Saturday Lift Heavy Things
    Sunday Move Slowly, Play or Rest

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    Forgot to mention that, on Monday and Tuesday I did still hit the squash ball around for about 30 minutes after my workouts. I suppose I shouldn't have done that, but it's too fun : )


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      Anytime you do something your body isn't used to, it's going to hurt. Case in point: Wifey and I do the same lifting routine. She's about a month in, I'm about six months in. My pain/soreness is mild, hers is occasionally crippling (especially from squats). Just see it as a sign that you've worked hard and you're trying something new.

      Oh, and take a lot of ibuprofen. Ibuprofen is WIZARD.
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        Well, although I really wanted to (my brain did, but my legs didn't) I stayed away from the gym yesterday. My thighs are still sore today, particularly my left for some reason, but I'm going to go to the gym anyway. I guess I just overdid it with the weightlifting on Tuesday and I am going to work through it. At the very least, I am going to walk on the treadmill for 10 minutes and then just hit the squash ball around for about 40 minutes (that is still quite a workout for me, even if I don't push myself hard).

        On the plus side - I went to a 'health check' event sponsored by my employer yesterday (it's an annual event where they do blood tests on the spot, blood pressure, weight/height, etc). My triglycerides were a very low 25. My body fat is down to 19.4% (they used this machine I never saw before - it was just a handheld device that I held in both hands for a minute)!!! Just a year ago I was in the 34% range.


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          It can sometimes take a whole week to fully recover from an intense workout, especially if you're doing something your body is not at all conditioned to. Be patient and stay the course - it gets easier eventually.
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            I've consistently done tricep exercises with weights, pushups, etc for years. However, a month ago, I constructed a 25-lb Bulgarian training bag and did "around the worlds" for a few minutes.

            I could barely move- triceps were on fire and hurt for a week. But after that, I have been able to work out with the bag and no intense pain anymore. (additionally, my tri's started popping out more than they ever had within a couple of weeks and only a few sessions with the bag).

            Your body is getting used to new movements. Occasionally, you might find a movement that makes you very sore for up to a week. Nothing out of the ordinary or destructive, as long as you are not sore like that all the time.


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              Always go real easy the first time you try a new exercise, or coming back from a layoff. DOMS (delayed soreness, what you have) does not serve a positive functional purpose in the body, generally sucks, and can mostly be avoided by doing the first couple of "new" workouts very very lightly. If it's too late and you've got the DOMS, take a bunch of ibuprofen and do a really, really light workout of the same type that made you sore, drink a lot of water, and get lots of sleep.
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