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  • Walking!

    Hi friends,

    Wanted your input on my dilemma. Right now I eat about 90-95% primal. I strength training, supplemented with Crossfit, 3-5 times per week. I get decent sleep (7-9 hours per night - of course I could always do with more, but that's a work in progress).

    The only part of the blueprint I really feel that I'm lacking in is the whole "move often at a slow pace" thing. I really WANT to be outside more during the day, and although I'm really active when I'm training, the rest of the day I'm pretty sedentary.

    Trouble is, my house is in an iffy neighborhood. Our block is great, but the surrounding areas, not so much. I would love to go for long walks before or after work, but my husband is really leery of my walking alone around our neighborhood, especially as the days shorten. I figure my options are:

    1. Make him walk with me (but I don't want to depend on someone else to get this in).
    2. Take the train or drive into Center City (about 15 minutes in time, about $4 in subway tokens) and walk around downtown.
    3. Get a large intimidating dog?
    4. I wish that walking during lunch would be an option but I work in downtown Camden NJ, which is even more dangerous, even during daylight hours. Oy.

    I am very open to all suggestions here! Besides "get a new job," which I'm working on, any thoughts? What's an urban trekker to do?

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    A dog doesn't need to be that large to be intimidating. If you love dogs, they are a great incentive to get you our walking regularly. If you don't love dogs, don't get one simply as an exercise partner -- not fair to either of you.
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      Is it your husband's worry that makes you hesitate, or your own? If it's his, while it's important and good that he cares about your safety, if you want to go for a walk, bring some pepper spray, a cell phone, and head out the door. If he wants to come with you he will.

      If you're worried too, that's a very different story. I would still suggest bringing the spray and phone, and just sticking as close to your block as you can. Walk it a dozen times, or more if you have to.

      I'm a woman who lives alone in an area where neighborhoods go from fine to trouble and back again pretty quickly, and I commute either by bicycle or on foot everywhere, often after 11pm, so my tolerance for danger might be a little overly high, but I figure with some caution it can be done.


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        option #5: hop on craigslist and find an exercise bike for $20

        ...that's how i do most of my moving slowly all winter, all the while getting caught up on new episodes of whatever tv show i like (dvds)


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          I know you want to be outside but just an idea (given the safety issue) buy a treadmill for the house and put it in a nice place with lots of sun light and open the windows if its a nice day/night. Do your hour or so a day Monday thru Friday on the treadmill then plan nice nature outings (walking/hiking etc..) on Saturday and Sunday. My wife and I drag our 3 little kids out every Saturday and Sunday for at least a few hours of nature time / exercise.

          FYI I was going to give some suggestions on cheap places to get treadmills (craigslist etc..) but when I saw that you mentioned you do Crossfit I assume you could afford a treadmill as well :-)
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            Or, just walk alone, and practice sprinting when someone is chasing you. Very primal....


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              This is why I love being a 6'4" man. I've gone through the toughest neighbouhoods in my town (and the nearby city) in the middle of the night without a single scuffle. Although I do miss scuffles. They end at 6'2".
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                I think that walking w/ hubby is the best bet. Instead of making him do it make it worth his while

                Or...find someone else in the neighborhood that wants to walk as well.

       back and forth to work. Looks like the Ben Franklin Bridge allows bikes.

                I'm pretty fearless about sketchy neighborhoods but Camden would give me pause.
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                  Find a good rebounder and do some easy workouts on it while watching TV or listening to music.

                  Unless you can find a partner to ensure your safety, don't worry about the 'aerobic' facet of your workout and find something you enjoy doing at an easy pace inside.

                  Unless Tony Soprano's still around?


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                    Borrow a sledge-hammer from crossfit and take that on your walks.

                    (But seriously, a dog is a great idea as long as you are getting said dog for the right reasons.)


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                      walk the one good block many times