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  • Less of a question, more of a tantrum

    I hate this 75% of max running deal...If I even look at a hill my HR surpasses my local 4.5k trail run that used to take less than 35 mins is now a 45 minute misery. It's very frustrating. 150bpm is somewhere between a shuffle and a stagger...

    It was such a slow, non athletic plod that at the end I felt the need to do 3x hill sprints...nearly passed out

    Anyway, I'm hoping that things get better, if not I'm back to 80-85% of max and pretending I didn't read that peticular chapter....

    Plus side of things I'm down to 222 from 240 so i guess I can't complain too much
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    Hi Monolithic,
    I know what you mean, I used to run competitively but after several injuries I started looking for alternatives to besting myself every day.
    I eventually found the low heart rate approach and started training at sub 75% of max (sub 70% of the karvonnen formula or 180-age according to Maffetone, Mark Allen and Mike Pigg).
    As all the above formula's gave roughly the same numbers I settled on Maffetone's formula as it's just easy.
    Maffetone describes the need for very slow running or cycling as your aerobic system being underdeveloped, and an over reliance on the anaerobic system for endurance. Sure enough, as predicted, as I stuck with low heart rate training I gradually got faster for the same effort, on the bike and run, and without burning out.
    Add in speed work once a week, some strength training and you'll have a system that looks very similar to PBF.
    In short, yes it's a pain but stick with it and there are benefits to be had.
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      Thanks for the advice...will keep at it despite my hissy fit


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        so glad for your hissy fit.. i am struggling with the same thing... so misery loves company... i feel like a snail walking around the neighborhood... i almost want a tshirt that has a disclaimer on it.... "I COULD run ... but i am CHOOSING not to" i hate that i even give a shit what someone driving by might think.... thanks for the info... i, too will keep at it!
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          I used to be "That Guy" too. All gung ho stuffed full of CC. Thinking "I had to" in order to get faster, stronger, etc...What a waste of time. If I knew half of what I know now about training/nutrition then, I'd have been in "Hog Heaven". If you really need proof, just look at Mark's physique...Not too bad for 50+ years. And he was an elite athlete for many years. Good luck, and Rock Out with you Grok Out!
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            Deleted, as Mark1971's post was so much better.


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              It's not that I am some athlete gung ho on CC....I a just enjoyed my 5k around the lake, burning lungs and high heart beat....I actually enjoy the feeling of running, tired, sweaty and breathing heavy ....75% is no sweat, breathing through the nose....blah.

              BUT, if it gets better, I will keep at it...


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                Below 75% of max is for Move Frequently at a Slow Pace: 3-5 hours per week (or more) at that heart rate. Hill sprints are Run Really Fast Once in a While: they're supposed to get your heart rate up!


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                  Three things about this.
                  1. You'll be able to go much faster at those heart rates in cold weather. Don't know where you're at but for me that's coming soon.
                  2. Dedicate your workouts. I do two interval days per week. I enjoy them more and look forward to them since dropping tempo runs et all. When you focus on the sprint portion of the interval workout you develop better turnover and get faster. You then use your other days as easy days and that brings the point of staying under 75% maximum heartrate even more important. Easy days must be easy days. It's the purpose of the training.
                  3. In two months of eating primal my resting and average heartrates have lowered. This is because of the eating style. Stick with it. Since 2006 I've logged over 17,000 run miles. My last 5k time was 21:44. I had never gotten under 22:30 in the six years since I returned to running. This works!