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    I've been wearing KSO's for about 2 years now. I CrossFit 3-4x per week and as long as the running is limited (200-400m singles) I wear them to workout. If there is more running (400m or greater repeats) I wear Nike Frees.

    These longer run workouts are rare but I want a pair of VFFs to do them in. Only obstacle is our CrossFit box has only paved areas to run on so I'm looking for a version with a little more protection.

    Any reviews on Bikila, Trek Sport, or Komodo Sport models? 1st time buyer $5 discount code: GIS836

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    I own both the bikilas/treksport. Bikilas are supposed to be the running vff, but seem a little flimsy to me(although really comfortable). the treksports are more durable and seem to offer better support for the heavier pounding. Hope this helps...Grok On!
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      The komodo sports feel like sport shoes to me. I love them and they are very comfy. My feet do tend to get warmer wearing them but I think they are going to be the perfect winter pair. I wore them for a 5k and didn't have any problems at all.


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        Love my Bilkas... I run on only cement and asphalt... took me a while to figure out how to sprint in them... but Damn I love 'em so much I picked up some Jayas (women) and some smartwools (got those for $50 at City Sports)

        I'm thinking for this winter - I'll be picking up a pair of Merrell Lithe Glove Cross-Training Shoes - Women's - Free Shipping at for walks w/the dog, and runs in the wet winter NoVA is know for... I'll go this route b/c I want the barefoot feel...but I also want to wear wool sock in the winter... I just love wool socks... I'm itching to start wearing them
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          i have komodosport LS and bikila LS. biggest difference i've found in them (and also differing from the treksports, which i had tried on thinking they were the ones) is that the bikila has a slightly more rigid arch. not supportive arch! full flexion allowed! by rigid i guess i really mean tougher material. i wound up with them over the treksports because it seemed like i'd tear up the material on the treksport sooner and i want them to last.

          between the komodo and bikila... erm... well i like the laceups because i have high-volume feet, but beyond that they aren't treating me too differently. i bought the komodos second because i knew i wouldn't have another opportunity soon (moving to scotland and don't sell them there) in my rationlized version, but also - they were just pretty.


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            I finally wore through my KSOs -- same toe on each foot -- and decided to try out some other models. The Bikila is made for someone with a high arch, so it didn't fit at all. The Trek Sport was too wide across the toes. The Komodo felt pretty good in the store, so I went with that. At home, it's been difficult to get the heel adjusted so it's snug enough not to cause friction. It has a cushioned collar that stands up pretty high in the back. The first day out, I got a nasty blister. I think I've got it worked out now, but if I had it to do over again, I would just get another pair of KSOs.
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              Did you happen to see the thread in "Odds and Ends" about jika-tabi, the Japanese split-toe shoes? Interesting and much cheaper option if you care to take a look...