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Tip for the fastest results - I have 18 days to shred!

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  • Tip for the fastest results - I have 18 days to shred!

    I've read the primal blueprint book and watched marks exercises on you tube. I'm coming from about 2 months off from pretty maniac running and a heavy chronic cardio exercise routine (I literally just got burnt out, was unhappy and couldn't keep going).

    I am a 5ft 6 1/2 female, I weigh 130lbs.

    The food side is a no brainer and I am enjoying this side of it no probs.

    I now walk twice a day for just under 2 hours and I am looking to start body weight exercises,

    However I am also heading away in 18 days for a 2 week once in a lifetime vacation.

    What would be your recommendation for the top workout routine that I could do at home, with no equipment?

    I was going to do the following whenever I felt ok (as per marks recommendations as long as I feel good and not fatigued) several times a day

    10 push ups, 20 squats, 1min plank, 6 x shoulder press(with feet raised and hands on floor)

    Would this yield me results along with 2 sprints sesions ? (6-8 mins)

    This is a lifetime change I am making but I just want a fast start to get me fast results in a short amount of time.


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    If you really focus on keeping your diet super strict, you should be able to get somewhat leaner before your trip regardless of your workouts (though the exercise plan you put forth seems pretty solid).

    That's a big "if" though.
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      Cheers for the feedback AL ,i've just ordered a pull up bar as well and I'm working my way through the simplefit thread too.

      I've researched this way of eating and I don't think I could ever go back to how I used to eat and exercise. Gary Taubes, Barry Groves, Zoe Harcombe & Mark - have really all acted like a major catalyst in making me reassess everything with regards to what I eat & how I exercise.

      To say my eyes have been opened is an understatement.


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        Don't forget your back. Can you do an inverted row?
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          Not 100% sure what that is? if you can let me know I'll add this in to my wee group.

          Thanks a million.


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            Good old google! Just about to set up 2 chairs and a broom and fingers crossed I'll b eable to lift some part of me .



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              Got door bar today - feel a bit pathetic - have managed 2 &1/2 chin ups... - no chance of a pull up at the moment!