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Exercise Newbies (or Re-Newbies)??

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  • Exercise Newbies (or Re-Newbies)??

    I was just wondering about others in the forum who consider themselves newer to exercise, at least at this stage in their lives? What are you doing now, and how's it going?

    I learned to love exercise in college, including some lifting, but have been much more up and down in the decade since then. I started with PB about a month ago now, and have gradually been adding more exercise back in. Besides all the walking - easy to fit in as the mom of a 2.5yo with several parks in walking distance! - I'm also:

    - Sprinting at the park, 1x/wk

    - Sometimes using the elliptical machine for a little easy cardio or HIIT

    - Trying to work up to running an easy mile or so, 1x/wk - today I went for 1.5 miles, half-walk, half-jog

    - Bodyweight stuff (pushups, squats, etc.) & a favorite stretching routine 2x/wk

    - 20m of basic yoga 1x/wk

    So a little something most days of the week... Never more than 20-30m. I'm just hitting the point that, while I can still feel the workout the next day, I'm not so sore anymore.

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    I'm a total newb! The last time I did any serious workout was in 2000 when I last did kung fu. My body's a mess (I'm a 6' tall woman with a heavy chest, so my joints and back are hurtin'!) and I'm hoping some working out will help alleviate the pain. I'm "socially acceptable" overweight. I carry it all in my chest and have an hourglass figure. But my body just can't carry it's own weight anymore and I'm really suffering.

    I've started messing around mostly with kettle bells, free weights, resistance bands and walking to help get me ramped up for some serious lifting and eventually to Cross Fit level. My dad had similar joint issues (he's 6'4") but he waited until his mid-30s and 40s to get himself in shape. Hopefully, I can get myself together a bit earlier and not suffer as long.


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      It helps to have a goal, even with exercise, doesn't it? For you, Crossfit - for me, some more of the fun stuff from the Prison Workout, like burpees I like the idea of playing with kettle bells and medicine balls eventually, too.


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        carolee (& maybe dep!):

        how did you find out info on starting kettleball workouts? I've been looking into incorporating it into my workout routine recently. thanks!

        And re: the main topic, currently doing a rotation of of 3 days (HIIT / Weights / 1.5 hour walk). The 7th day is whatever I feel like doing (hike, surf, walk, nothing).

        I'm at a good point, I think, because I look FORWARD to each day !


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          Wow, Mr.M, that's a nice simple pattern - I like it! Sorry, I know almost nothing about kettle bells as of yet