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how do i make macadamia nut butter????

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  • how do i make macadamia nut butter????

    hi grok/ettes,
    I want to try and get my five year old away from shop bought peanut butter on celery sticks (yay for celery though), and start her on macadamia nut butter. I have a thermomix so grinding nuts is no problem.
    Just after the method really.
    Thinking of mixing a little of the evil stuff in for the first batch so its not too far removed from what she is used to.

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    Method? Place nuts in grinder. Grind. Adding some cashews will give a sweeter, "peanutier" taste, almost.


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      To make my walnut butter I toss 2 cups of walnuts in the food processor and a teaspoon or so of walnut oil. Sometimes I add cinnamon to make is seem sweeter and chipotle pepper to make is spicier. To make macadamia butter I would do the same...possibly adding a touch of honey or coconut nectar to make it palatable to a youngster...or to transition youngsters.

      I have found that this is way tastier and cheaper than buying nut butters...and I can try anything I want...pistachio is sounding pretty good....but salty.


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        @enchatenfrance..... good tip on the cashews, my DD likes them too. It all sounds to easy really.
        @prncsssmartass.... (cool name btw), might try the honey too. Can you get raw pistachios where you are?? Shouldnt be too salty.

        apologies also for posting in the wrong folder.....ipad fat finger syndrome stricks again!!!!


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          Yeah, macs and cashews (and hazelnuts) take less than 5 minutes to turn into a butter. Almonds take much longer and you definitely need a workhorse processor for the job.


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            Yea just grind the nuts with some oil and as prncsssmartass said you could add some honey, it's not optimal but it's better than eating sugar laced peanut butter :P
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              I liked my macadamia nut butter (and whole macadamias) better having roasted them myself which is tremendously easy and quick.

              As others said, just grind them in a food processors. I usually add a bit of coconut oil (but not too much!) in order to thin it. Add sweetener to taste. The stuff is positively sinful (and expensive!) to eat. I like scooping it with 90% cacao dark chocolate.