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  • discovering how to play

    following one of the rule of primal: playing, i try involve some friends in holyday...

    Hard the first day, they were more motivated for video game and total inactivity.

    But the second day... i bring a flyind disc... and it was madness... we even bring it in the swimming pool.

    The third day they even ask me to bring it. We are all at least in our 30 and we had play like children for hour.

    I explain a little about primal, and explain that playing was in the "10 rules", they found it intriguing.

    So they try also the sprint, the primal fitness, and even we took a little hike barefoot.

    But for the diet plan...

    What i mean is that it was rediscovering the fun of playing outside which push them to try a little primal lifestyle.

    So, how do you play? With your familly, some friends, sport??? Does fun is a part of it or you only do it for the fit?

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    I guess I am not good at making friends, so I tend to be a lone wolf in my exploration of primal living. Lately, I find just going to a local park (there are tons in my planned community) with a ball to kick and toss. I have discovered a LOVE for anything that engages my hand-eye coordination. For instance, bouncing a tennis ball and claw-catching it or tossing a soccer ball as hard and high as I can and catching it no matter how far I have to run to get it. Sheer joy. I must be part-dog.

    It's funny. I was walking-catching my tennis ball and ran into a lady and her two dogs and I quickly put away the ball cause I didn't want to tease her puppies!


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      i had to try throwing tennis ball, i like hand eye coordination too.

      Due to your nick name, kungfumike, can i presume that you pratice martial arts?


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        Yes I have, but I have gotten away from it. Playing with the tennis ball brings it back a bit. Good stuff.


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          well, i first try primal lifestyle to rebuild my health and bondy to start martial arts again... I start next week after 6 years of interruptions.


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            I've been doing this for two days, and watching Animal Planet while getting my morning together makes me want to chase rabbits again! It's kind of an awesome feeling, like, having even the DESIRE to do it is something entirely new.

            Ha! Kung Fu Mike! I knew someone with that name! He was a Kung Fu instructor from Chicago-land area!
            Down from 275 to 250!
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              Juggling the soccer ball(without hands) barefoot is great fun, and challenging:-)
              Free your mind, and your Grok will follow!


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                Hi Westly,

                I am no instructor, just a fan. Some of my buddies years back used to call me Kungfu, so it's kind of stuck. All martial arts are great passtimes that's for sure.