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Hockey season is coming up!

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  • Hockey season is coming up!


    Been primal about a month and a half. Having great results, down I would say about 15-20lbs of fat, and starting to see my muscles return (back from my p90x days a few years back). 24 year old male, about 220-230 lbs (guessing, donít own a scale). About the past 2-3 weeks my weight loss has slowed to a crawl, I know this is a normal cyclic thing, just seeing what I can do to pick it up again.

    I am at a little mini-vacation from my ice hockey league, which starts up in about 2 weeks, and I would like to drop a few pounds and build my endurance up a little more. Iím playing on two teams so I will have quite a bit of hockey from September through April. Current routine is as follows: -1 day upper body (weight lifting), -1 day core (squats, planks, get-ups, etc), -1-3 days move slow (usually recumbent bike), and I try to squeeze in a high-intensity workout (sprints, weights, core for 7-12 mins). I quit doing my 30-35 min chronic cardio workouts (some HIIT, some steady pace) on the elliptical. Once hockey starts, I can realistically see myself only hockey with 1-2 days of lifting heavy things.

    Any recommendations for a workout that would help me build endurance for a hockey game that last about an hour? The shifts are typically 1-2 mins, and then rest 1-2 mins. I canít run very well, because of a knee injury, and the impact causes some pain.

    Thank you all!