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  • Resting, protein, and all that...

    So a few friends and I have been eating primal for about 5 months and just started using this circuit to get people in shape for the ToughMudder races. We don't really have any races in mind we just like the amount and speed of the work out.

    Anyway, I was wondering from a 'hard gainers' stand point on a budget, if i'm doing all this right for actual muscle growth...for an example Sunday we did this workout circuit at the beach, Mon and Tue we played Frisbee and just basically stayed active for a few hours, Thursday back the the circuit where we all see we are able to do it a little easier. Repeat repeat etc. etc.
    SO as someone with a sky high metabolism, are those two days of 'play' wrecking all the work I did to train and gain weight?

    ALSO I bought some whey protein (just some cheap stuff) and fish oils that I am taking in the morning a few hours after breakfast and after my work outs, is this a step in the right direction AND am I doing it right?

    Basically have had WAY to many people try and TELL me what I should do and everything has been contradictory and I just am tired of not being 100% sure.

    Thanks in advance,

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    You won't gain weight doing this circuit. If you want to gain weight, you need to be lifting really heavy things, doing squats, deadlifts, benching, rows, overhead press, etc. Big compound lifts. And you need to eat a shit-ton of food. It's not your play that is holding you back, it's the lack of heavy lifting and heavy eating.


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      awesome. my eating has gone up a TON, so now its just weight.
      I thought using my own body weight would bring the same results, this is kinda disappointing.


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        Hello Dave,

        I'm having the exact same problem, that is, it is difficult for me to gain weight and a while ago I received a bunch of good advice. I'd recommend you to have a look at this thread, and maybe something there will help you.

        Best regards,


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          Originally posted by Dave_smith View Post
          awesome. my eating has gone up a TON, so now its just weight.
          I thought using my own body weight would bring the same results, this is kinda disappointing.
          Using your own bodyweight can bright about the same results, but it requires a bit more of a thought process for increasing the load. The book Convict Conditioning explains this, and lays out a program that I've been having success with, both in terms of strength and size. Al Kavadlo – We're Working Out! Al Kavadlo is a member here with a pretty good website about bodyweight training with a lot of ideas, but I haven't seen a unified program from him, just individual tutorials.
          A couple of other books to try are Building the Gymnastic Body or You Are Your Own Gym. I've never read either, but have heard pretty good things about both.

          *Edit* The Primal Blueprint Fitness E-book program is like an easier/starter form of Convict Conditioning, which is a good base for Building the Gymnastic Body.
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            I think you need to quantify your goals in a little more detail before deciding on the right program. Yes, bodyweight work will increase your strength and size (to a degree) but if you want to get really strong (and be able to lift really heavy stuff) then you may have to add in some heavy compound lifts. Generally speaking, I'd recommend a combination of both - mastery of yourself and other objects.
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