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Leangains and Sprinting Compatibility?

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  • Leangains and Sprinting Compatibility?

    I was reading an interview of Martin Berkhan of Leangains (here: Leangains: Martin Berkhan Means It | Free The Animal ) and he seems pretty anti-HIIT. I've learned what I can from his website, although he doesn't spell out his program very clearly on his website, and I haven't read the book.

    I'm looking to lose the last 5-10 pounds of fat around my mid section and lean out. Gaining muscle mass would be an incidental secondary benefit. I have been eating paleo for over 10 months, I do random IF once or twice per week, and I do a few sets of sprints every 7-10 days. I'm interested in the Leangains approach, but I'm not willing to buy the book to fill in the details. Any suggestions?

    Here is the quote:

    "6. If you’re dragging yourself to the gym in order to do HIIT or burpees supersetted with hindu pushups, or whatever else is trendy right now, ask yourself if you’re really doing this for conditioning purposes or fat loss. I think if most people answered honestly it would be the latter. If you’re interested in gaining strength and muscle, while losing fat, keep in mind that strenuous cardio like HIIT and other high-impact cardio will make that a whole lot harder and less likely to happen. Focus your efforts on strength training and keep cardio light. Ditch the intervals and take a 45-60 min leisurely walk instead."

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    I found this thread just now while searching Leangains stuff on Google. I can't offer a science explanation, but I can offer my personal experience. I've been doing LG for about a year or a little longer now. I cut out pretty much all sprinting due to some nagging legs injuries that I think have finally cleared up. If anything, I am leaner than when I was sprinting. But I also am following LG recommendations in regards to diet and exercise more closely than I was when I was sprinting, so who's to say that dropping the sprinting is the cause. Also, I've been lifting 4x/week with legs 2x/week, so it was hard to incorporate sprinting into my routine and have adequate recovery time.


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      Any day you do sprints or HIIT is another day of intense workouts, another day you have to recover, etc.

      Judging from the results Martin gets you don't need the hormonal effects from HIIT to lean out, if you follow his program.


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        Yes, I have been reading a lot on leangains lately too and have been wondering the same thing. However, Mark has plenty of scientific research on the benefits on sprinting so I can't come to let it go.... i would like more info on where martin is coming from.