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Vibram FiveFingers suitable on concrete?

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  • Vibram FiveFingers suitable on concrete?

    I recently purchased a pair of VFFs and love them, and since I've tried to go for a walk on my lunch break every day. However I work in the centre of town and there's no natural, grassy areas for me to walk, so I just have to walk around town on the pavements.

    I've recently noticed a very slight tenderness (but not pain) in my heels while on these lunchtime walks in my VFFs so I'm wondering if I simply have to walk to concrete, is a cushioned sole of a trainer possibly better for my feet than the VFFs?

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    I walk six km per day on concrete in VFF. You have to change your stride so you don't bang your heel. Lean forward slightly and shorten your stride. This should enable you to land midfoot - heel and ball together
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      Agree - work on changing your stride.
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        Just take it easy. I am a beginner with the VFF, and I find some tenderness in the ball of one foot. My recommendation for you (and myself) is to take time, take smaller steps and step lighter. Some times I pay extra attention to let my toes do more of the work of supporting the ball area of my food to take more load. I also try to land more in the middle of my foot.

        If you have pain in your heel, you might be taking normal shoe-oriented strides and I have heard that while that is ok with shoes, it's not as ok barefoot, so step smaller and take time. Our speed should improve with practice.


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          Doh! too late. Someone beat me too it LOL


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            Ditto on changing stride...
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              The VFF's can actually impede stride correction by cushioning the blows from an improper foot fall. Try going 100% barefoot for a walk or two so you can really feel it when you step incorrectly. I wear water shoes and they do not let me forget a bad step. I wanted the VFF's for awhile, but I tried them on again and realized I like the water shoes better.
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                Hack your walking? - Paleo

                Esther Gokhale calls it glide walking. Check it out.