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Which sport, activity or game gets you fit?

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  • Which sport, activity or game gets you fit?

    Thinking about trying a new activity or sport - which one do you think helps get you fit/build muscle?

    Martial arts?

    Or just climbing around trees like Grok might have done lol

    I currently walk everyday (with the dog) and do pull ups and sit ups when I feel like it (I got a six pack but want to put a bit more muscle on everywhere else or just do an activity to help with general fitness).

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    The only thing that put muscules on me is power lifting. Everything else shredded more muscule than added. I now swim in fins, that is definetly more muscular load, and do kettlebells and bike HIIT as my cardio. I also want to climb very badly, but scheduling is in conflict. Oh, and I love Zumba with aparticular instructor because she mixes in tons of tribal/hip-hop etc.
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      i think a pretty good mix is what will make you the most're better off finding a sport that you like rather than getting into a sport because of some end result. i'm a big fan of the triathlon sports (swimming, biking, running) for endurance, but team sports for fun (particularly ultimate and soccer).
      my favorite thing to do, however, is hike. it may not involve a lot of full body work, but i get plenty of moving slowly and my legs are crazy strong. plus, i try to find hikes where i need to use a little upper body, or can at least do some light bouldering or tree climbing to round things out. i still do my regular lifting and sprinting workouts, plus plenty of other things, but climbing a mountain is the best all-around exercise for me.


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        Everyone is different...especially when considering "building muscle" (how much you have and how much you want are key!) +1 to primalrob... do something you like to do. I was into MA when I was younger, and still do some mixed in with other things; mainly around body weight stuff now, which satisfies my muscles. You said you do PU, try hand stands, some arm walks, cartwheels! Always fun acting like a kid!
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          I do yoga and martial arts, and find that both require pretty good levels of functional strength, but not necessarily muscle mass. In the end, I do them because I enjoy martial arts and yoga is an instant destress/mind blank. EDIT: I suppose these activities do build muscle for me, but it is all lean muscle.

          For muscle mass I lift heavy things.


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            Agreed, for more mass lift heavy things in compound movements and eat a lot of protein. If you want strength, keep the rep scheme much lower or do something functional that requires a lot of strength, like rock climbing.


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              Thanks for the replies everyone. I'm gonna get some kettle bells to begin with and then think about what else to try.