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The Spartan Race is primal movement

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  • The Spartan Race is primal movement

    I just have to share my experience from this past weekend. i competed in the massachusetts spartan sprint race, which is three miles of mud and obstacles for those who are unfamiliar with it. it's like the warrior dash for grown ups. it's tough.
    i wasn't entirely sure what to expect going into it. the warrior dash two months earlier did not meet my expectations in terms of fun and challenge, but the spartan race blew me away. it's a race almost entirely based on primal principles...we sprinted, climbed, crawled, lifted, balanced, carried, moved slowly, etc....and every time someone couldn't complete and obstacle, they had to do 30 burpees.

    there's no way to recall the entire race, but here are some of the stations we had to move through as we ran/jogged/walked three miles through the woods:
    *sprint up a big hill
    *run through the woods and uneven terrain
    *hoist 60+ lbs of stones 30 feet up using a pulley and mud soaked rope (i had to do the burpees on this one...couldn't hold the rope well enough)
    *climb over walls of varying height between 6 and 10 feet
    *scale a cargo net wall and down the other side
    *pull yourself up a steep muddy ramp with a rope and slide down the other side
    *fill a 10 gal. bucket 3/4 full and carry it up a steep hill (think bunny hill or tubing hill for skiing) and then down the other side...oh yeah, the hill is slippery and muddy
    *hike back up a steeper portion of the hill
    *run some more
    *jump across 12 to 15 small logs (6" diameter at the most) sticking straight up out of the ground (i made it to the end, but fell hard off the last one)
    *climb over walls, under walls, and crawl through small window-sized openings in the next wall
    *walk/crawl through knee deep mud (vibrams came in handy here...a lot of people lost shoes) and pull out any fellow racers who had been sucked up by it
    *drag or carry a stone around a small track
    *wade through muddy water, under trees, the climb a rope up to a bell and ring it
    *throw spears into enemy targets (hoisted hay bales)...more burpees for me, as my spear didn't stick
    *swing along monkey bars of different heights
    *crawl through wet gravel and mud on your stomach beneath rows of barbed wire 12-18" above the ground (this was grueling) while being sprayed with a fire hose
    *climb along (rock climbing/bouldering style) sideways holding on to small, muddy blocks of wood
    *run past a wrestler and guys with big padded batons to the finish line.

    i skipped a few of the boring things that only slowed us down. i came away with a bruised and barely usable bicep, a lot less skin and blood, and possibly a broken rib. it was hell, and one of the hardest things i've ever done, and i can't wait to do it again.

    if you ever get the chance to do a spartan race, do it. it is the most primal activity i have ever done.

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    Sounds great!

    I'm planing to do the Tough Mudder in VA later this year, and I hope it is at least as awesome.


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      A friend was telling me about it, and I asked him for more info and he never got back to me and I forgot to look it up. That sounds like it would have been fun, and I'm sorry I missed it.


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        Sounds awesome, except for the injuries. I'm doing the Tough Mudder out here in February and can't wait.


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          I did one earlier this year and loved it too. Tehre was a loooooong uphill mud CRAWL under barbed wire that was just WAY too fucking long. The worst part about it is after emerging from it my quads were useless. I have no idea what happened but I think it has something to do with giving my quads time to relax during the crawl as I was mostly using my arms (the wire was so low too!) it hurt like hell.

          I really did like it and will try to do it yearly if I can. It made me want to do trail running more often and training in nature in general, but that isn't so accessible.
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