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PBF vs. P90x (my findings)

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  • PBF vs. P90x (my findings)

    Did P90x for a year. I ran 3 days/week in place of the cardio videos and did the other 3 strength/dumbell workouts each week.

    The past 3 months I have been instead using PBF. I have seen great results. We have a machine at work that tests body fat and it also shows you how many pounds of muslce are in all parts of your body (legs, arms, etc). The only place I didn't gain muscle was in my legs.

    Also, my stomach is much more defined. I was doing a 20 minute ab workout 3 times a week with p90x. I hated it. Now I just do 2 sets of planks, and my abs are really starting to show.

    I love it. I sometimes add different workouts and sometimes do some TRX stuff, but for the most part it is PBF. It is simple but it works. Thanks Mark!


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    Nice, good to hear the report!


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      I've been doing all Beachbody programs since June 2010, and I've decided to turn off the DVDs. I'm going to sprint, play, and move slowly and build my own lifting routines from my favorite P90X and Insanity moves. Its going to shorten my total workout time and give me more control, I believe. I hate doing push-ups and being cut off from doing my max because Tony is ready to move on.


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        I love the PBF workout. Have never been stronger!
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          I was finishing my first round of P90X when I found PB. I enjoy working out more and I see bigger gains\loss (as appropriate) since I've gone primal. Tony did give me an awesome muscle base to start from



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            Can you do PBF in your garage? Or do you need a wide open space?


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              Garage works fine.