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  • Time for an overhaul - advice please

    I've been doing Insanity and P90x for 14 months and I'm ready for change. It lost me 110 lbs, but I'm ready to go more primal in my workouts. I've been sprinting once a week for the past month, doing less direct ab work, and actually taking rest days, but I'm ready to ditch the DVDs (until P90X2 comes out, anyway) and make my out routines. Below are my goals and my schedule I created. Then some concerns I have.

    I'm 200 lbs, 21 years old, male, 5'11. I got down from 310 lbs on June 12 with DVDs and CW diet. I went primal in mid-late June. I had been counting calories, but this week I stopped that practice. I know to get 4-8 oz protein at each meal, endless veggies, a little fruit, and make up the rest with fat. I'm eating according to how I feel, and its working for me so far. I just recently went dairy-free, watching the sodium, less coffee and more tea, and my only cheat is the occasional piece of chocolate (try to get dark). My ultimate goal is to get down to 180. I still have a bit of a gut, although I look athletic. I'm upset with my current routine (P90X with a little Rushfit and sprinting thrown in) because I feel like my extremities are being toned but I'm not really "torching" fat. My gut and love handles are slow to leave, as well as my inner thighs and lower back fat. Below is what I've constructed to address my frustrations. 2 days of large-muscle-group exercises (upper and lower), 1 day of heavy isolation work (upper), 3 days abs/core, 1 day cardio/plyo, 1 day sprinting, 1 day rest, 1 day yoga/ROM. It may seem like a lot still, but compared to P90X I think I've condensed my workout time. I'd really appreciate some input.

    Lift heavy
    Squat 5x5
    Push-up 5xmax (regular, wide, military, staggered hand, decline)
    Pull-up 5xmax (regular twice, wide, close grip overhand, reverse grip)
    Planks – 3x3 minutes
    Lawnmower – 2x8-10 reps

    Squat 5x5
    Dips 3xMax
    Tricep kickback 2x8-10 reps
    Curls 3X8-10 reps (standard, supinated, corkscrew)
    Abs 5x25 reps (wide leg sit up, c-sit twist, v-up/boat, hanging leg raise, scissors)
    Shoulder Press 3x8-10

    Squat 5x5
    Push-up 2xMax
    Pull-up 5xMax
    Calf raises 2x15 reps (holding 40lbs each arm)
    Squat Jump 1x10
    Split squat jump 1x10
    Walking Lunges 2x25
    Planks 3x3 minutes

    D. 10-15 descending burpees
    Balance: single leg balance holds, single leg squat reaches, etc. (Open to suggestions)
    30 minutes stationary bike OR play (racquetball, kung-fu, boxing, basketball, etc)

    E. 10-15 rounds of sprints

    Move slowly:
    I go to a large campus, so I will be walking A LOT in between class, as well as climbing stairs. I hope to do 30 minutes of stationary bike twice a week, but that's optimistic between my classes, student orgs, and internship. I plan on using Sunday as my ROM day, doing yoga or Intu-flow (F). I still view it as a second rest day though. I also have commitments to friends to play various times throughout the week, so I can't really put that down on paper for a specific day. I'm big on racquetball, boxing, and kung fu.

    Weekly schedule: Monday (Lift A), Tuesday (Cardio/Plyo D), Wednesday (Lift B), Thursday (rest/play), Friday (Lift C), Saturday (Sprint E), Sunday (Rest F).

    First concern: For the next 3 weeks, I won't have proper equipment for squats. I have a light bar (10 lbs) and about 70 lbs worth of plates at my house. No squat rack. I also have a 20lbs weighted vest. Could I do with doing front squats or lifting the bar over my head onto my shoulders? If you can't tell, I've never squatted before.

    Second: I'm moving back to school in 3 weeks, where I will have access to a proper rack at the gym, but I prefer working out in my room. Are there body weight moves I can do to replace the weighted squats? Similarly, when I move back to school I won't have my home pull-up bar. What can I do in my room to simulate that? I have a band that I can latch to the door frame, but that isn't quite the same as good ole fashioned pull-ups. I have pretty decent space in my room, and I'd like to do some more bodyweight exercises. Suggestions?

    Third: I've got some equipment I'd like to use, but I'm not sure how. I have 10 and 20 lbs medicine balls, a pair of 2 lbs weighted gloves, a 20 lbs weighted vest, a pair of 5-10 lbs ankle weights, a heavy duty band (black, 100 lbs I think). Dumbbell wise, I have a pair of 10s, 20s, 30s, and 40s.

    Thanks again!
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    You really want to get used to squatting in a rack. It is safe and very efficient, and sky's the limit as to how much weight you can load. To start, you can squat with the dumbells in your hands, but squats normally progress very fast till you get to your body weight, so you will have ample time to catch up. Body weight excersise that loads the quad a big time is a wall seat, and you can do one legged squats to challenge muscules slightly more than a squat. I am leery of recommending anyone to move anything really heavy in a really awkward motion over one's head. When i jsut started out, and did not know how to use the rack, I squatted off the parallel bars and still shudder at the memory of my own stupidity.
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      How about a front squat with the barbell?


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        If you can set up and do it with a proper form, go for it!
        My Journal:
        When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.


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          I did the C workout today. It felt awesome. I was sweating so much, and unlike when I do isolation moves, my heart rate and lungs actually got working hard. I couldn't hold the planks for 3 minutes straight, but the point of setting a goal is to improve oneself. I'm definitely going to like this routine...


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            It seems that your overriding goal is to lower your bodyfat percentage, and that you are frustrated because your extremities are getting toned up but not your core.

            This tells me two things: 1. You are a normal human. Your body naturally stores excess weight near your center of gravity to make it easier to move around. It would really suck if excess weight was stored in the extremities first, like the wrist or the ankle.

            2. You are making progress. Whatever you are doing (I'll be honest, I didn't read your workout plan) is currently working for you.

            I have two pieces of advice:
            1. Remember that six-pack abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym. Your diet will get you there faster than your workouts will.
            2. It took you a long time to build that fat. It may take a while to get rid of it. Be patient. Take measurements and be happy with progress, even if it isn't just melting off.


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              Thanks for the input. I'm not really going for the six pack, just the big glob of fat around the waist. I do know that it is a slow process, but another concern is the sustainability and mental aspect of my routine. I was getting bored doing the same thing for 14 months....I need a change. Plus my body was getting used to the isolation moves, I think. Only two days in, and I think I'm going to enjoy doing the full body (is compound the right word?) workouts.


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                Awesome weight loss man!

                Insanity is insane and I don't think that you have to work that hard to get where you want to go. Try the free 92 page fitness e-book for six weeks and just do that for a month and see where that takes you. Ditch the CW workouts for a will still be working out but trying something different. Doing the same thing for that amount of time you have probably become myopic in the training department and don't know it.

                PB is different in the weight loss department as you do not need to monitor caloric intake in order to loose weight, and considering how much you have lost (1/3 of body weight!) it will probably be a slower progress after that much dramatic loss and the fact you have been training like a crazy person and have gotten buffed up.

                If you are going to lift heavy in a gym and are new to things like squats and deadlifts I would follow this program T NATION | How to Build Pure Strength

                If you do the 5/3/1 you will probably gain considerable muscle over a three month span of time and will get way stronger. Combine that with steady state cardio and some sprints and you will be grocking on!


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                  I won't be in a gym...that's my problem. I don't want to do the isolation stuff, but I can't get to a proper gym. Plus, I have a spinal kyphosis that makes keeping my back straight VERY hard (impossible, by definition, actually).


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                    With those problems I would do the PB e book don't need a gym to look great!