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  • Training routine over 50

    Training routine over 50 i have trained with weights most of my life ,joints are payin the price now knees an back i want a good basic workout 3/4 time a week should i continue to do a split or do a whole body workout or should i just go down the bodyweight route ???

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    Body By Science. Haters enter stage left


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      Originally posted by pyro13g View Post
      Body By Science. Haters enter stage left
      I like the concept behind BBS; however, it is much harder than you'd think to work out in this fashion. For one, you look goofy in a gym of people lifting conventionally. As well, you really need a spotter because you are max lifting and using negatives.

      I am 53. I have logged years under a barbell. My plan is to now workout more than I did last year, which was nothing. So, getting to the gym, running a bit on the tread and then going through a fast paced circuit, alternating my body parts 3 x's a week is monumental!

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        Enough volume in the weight room to require a split is considered excessive by primal standards.
        2-3 short full-body workouts of a few basic compounds is the rx
        Free weight or bw really just depends on preference.

        You might not like the ful HIT/BBS road but the slow resps sure are good at reducing peak forces and being easy on the joints.

        Add a sprint/interval workout each week

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