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My pooman's Bulgarian Sandbag

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  • My pooman's Bulgarian Sandbag

    Got the idea from my buddy John's site... Everyman Paleo. I added the paracord handles because I like to work with paracord and personalize my gear. It weighs 42 lbs.

    Today was day one. I did 75 two handed swings in sets of 40, 20, and 15 in 4:44. Then I walked with it on my shoulders for .5 miles. I was smoked at the end but have a burst of energy now.

    I live in a hotel half the month on a military installation and needed something I could travel with. I think this is the ticket.

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    I made one just like that. Its a great workout for sure. There are some great youtube videos on different ways to use it.


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      I have 2 just like that. A 50 lb one and a 37 lb one. They're incredibly versatile. I just did the grips in duct tape, the paracord looks like a nice touch.
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        Another 7 lbs and I will have lost the weight of my bag (42 lbs) very motivating.
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          Wow!!! Thanks for sharing that link, bro!! I'll be taking on a couple of these projects!! Saving some major $$$$!!!
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