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From no gym to bad ass gym!!!!

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  • From no gym to bad ass gym!!!!

    After working out for several months straight with kettlebells and getting great results in fitness.....I did something I didn't think I would do....

    Signed up for a GYM!!!! I was missing deadlifts, squats, and other things so I did a search and found a mecca.

    You see in the past I have had to leave gyms for noise (power grunts), snatching dumbells, using chalk...I just don't do well in the box gyms at all.

    Well went on the search and found a bad ass gym!!! They cater to power lifters, body builders, and we are talking about large tires, sledge hammers, power racks, chalk stations...oh and no top 40 music...only hard rock!!!!

    $35/month and I can do as I please!

    The Official Site of Monster Gym and Sports Complex- Kingwood, TX

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      Wow - It looks like fun!
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        I can't wait to Deadlift!!! Wonder what I will max out on after not doing it for three years.


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          I hear you. My gym is roughly 99 percent guys, most over 25, and yet we still get a load of pop princess shit shoved in our ears daily. I don't know what the other 20 year olds listen to but I happen to like good music.
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            It was heaven.....walked in and Pantera was ringing in the gym
            First up was to go to the back room and prove that I could flip the "big tire"....check!

            Walked into the lifting area and...chalked up my hands!!! Then I deadlifted my ass off....then went back to the other room and flipped the smaller tire till the heart rate went up and took the sledgehammer and beat the hell out of the big tire...wall balled and then went back home.

            I think I found workout heaven!


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              Oh man, that sounds fun. Grunt, grunt you maniac.

              I like that my gym has a good mix of cuties, it gives me something to watch when my mind wants to wander. It would be nice to have some tires though.
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                that is a nice price. the one here is $80 per month.

                funny thing is, with the way that DH trains, he really only goes once a week -- which he would pay drop in at $60 per month. He would prefer two workouts a week, but cannot justify to himself $20 per workout (as opposed to 15). So he'll do one at the gym, and one body weight in between.