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Kettlebells......strengh or sprints or both?

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  • Kettlebells......strengh or sprints or both?

    I use Kettlebells for my "lift something heavy" days. I have one of those cool heart rate monitor as well just to see how the ticker is doing while I do things like bike ride and walk etc.

    Here is the thing, I do things such as sprint training etc. and can see how I react to the stimulus.

    Sprint max HR is 165-175
    KB snatch HR is 165-175

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    That seems about right. The snatch, although it requires a lot of strength, is definitely a conditioning workout (unless you are snatching the Beast! or doing heavy snatches, slowly, I suppose).

    Have you taken your heart rate when just lifting, like deadlifts or something? Heart rate will get very high doing those things as well. I dunno if it is heart rate that makes the difference between strength training and conditioning.


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      I always considered my KBs a sprints, as I specifically chose dynamic motions (snatch, yeah!) Looking at your HR, did you calculate your max HR, and what % 165-170 falls in? I know that when i was running, going over 172 was basically 'just don't trip, baby, 'cause you are flying' range.
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        I am 31 so I think my max in theory would be 189 or so. My resting HR is 54 right now so my max goes down with it....I bet 175 is around where my max would be.

        I lift heavy so in the snatch example was with the 70lbs. x 9 both sides.

        I am in the camp that it is both if it is heavy. So for me the 35 can be a great cardio or warm up...but my heart goes to my bulldog (88)....working on getting that over head 10 times each side. I will be way stronger and at the same time in better cardio shape by that time too!


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          I like keeping my kettlebell workouts short and sweet, 20-30 minutes. I have set workouts so I generally do them for time and increase the reps slightly. I'm planning a half marathon soon so I'm starting to push hard on the kettlebells to get my general cardio up high, since I don't have room to run sprints.
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