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PB and Pilates/XTend?

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  • PB and Pilates/XTend?

    Hi everyone,
    Long time lurker finally piping in. I've been eating 80% primally for a few weeks and feel great. Longer than that I've been adhering to PB Fitness - lots of heavy lifting (thanks to P90X and CrossFit inspsired workouts), low level aerobic activity (playing outside), and play (rock climbing, hiking ... hey, it's summer!). I'm a creature that gets bored easily and what i love about PB fitness is that it emphasizes playing it by ear - how I feel on the day. I'm already anticipating the colder, darker seasons when I need shift my low intensity cardio and just mix things up so that I don't get bored.

    I considered enrolling in a local CrossFit gym, but decided I can handle that end at home. I came across a new Xtend Barre studio in my city and am curious. I've done pilates before and liked it. Would Grok approve? Does this count as play or weight bearing exercises or...? I get bored easily, so I'm hoping by adding new things to the new mix fall/winter (when Id on't do so well mentally/emotionally), it'll help keep me on top of my game.

    Any thoughts?

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    I'd count it at play, rather than LHT, personally.
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      Agreed. The more I look into it the more it seems that way. I wish I could just take a traditional ballet class instead...


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        Barre classes are fun, and make my butt hurt. LOL

        Since I consider everything play, i consider it play. because i'm not doing anything unless it's play. LOL