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  • TGU question

    For those of you who do Turkish Get often do you do them? I have been doing them and I have tendency to get repetitive with workouts that I really like. Anyway, curious what you guys are doing. Thanks

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    For a while I was doing them twice a week. 3-4 sets of 4 reps. I've been doing sled drags in their place lately though.


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      I've never really considered them a workout, even when upping the weight to levels I fail at. To me they seem more like a skill to be practiced than a "lift" to work a certain muscle group with. For this reason I've done them (in the past) in more of a GTG style -- just practicing them whenever/wherever.

      I'm sure as you get really good at them it changes things though...


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        I do the same thing as ciep. Just do 'em whenever. They are a good warm-up for heavy lifting if you do that.
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          In addition to an already-existing physical training regimen, I think the main benefit they give is in increased shoulder stability (which ain't nuthin to sneeze at), as well as some GPP. Plus, now you know how to get something off the ground from a lying position

          EDIT: I've tried them, but don't actually have them in my program. That being said, if I were to add them I'd probably do them the same way I do the rest of my training: heavy, and progressively heavier.
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            Pavel's Enter the Kettlebell Program Minimum would have you doing TGU at least twice per week. That is about how often I do them.