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    Hi, First of all sorry for my english, i am not a naitive speaker. I have some questions about my training. I am trying to loss bf and go for muscles. I am also Training for a 10 mile run. My training Looks like:
    *3-4 times a week weight , Split training (12 to 10 reps.)
    *2 Times a week low intensiv Jogging
    *1-2 times Burpee Challenge/ Sprints
    * swminng for recovery
    In the Next 2 Months i have much time to do Sports. So if there is anything i can do better please let me Know. I will also post a thread for my nutrition.

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    What kind of shape are you in now? Have you been exercising regularly? Are you at a healthy weight?


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      I am lifting weights regularly (3-4 times a week) since 1 year. Before, i did just Bwe and other sports like Volleyball,handball or swimming. Well my high is 1.80m (71 inch) and my weight is about 81 kg ( about 178 lbs) . I allready have some muscles, but also too much bodyfat in my opinion.


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        Skip the jogging and go for walks instead. Jogging is hard on your body for benefits that are comparable to walking.

        Be careful about swimming for recovery, as you might not get as much recovery as you need from that. Take time to rest. Swim very slowly if you are doing it for recovery, otherwise walk.


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          I did the jogging to train for the 10 mile run. So is walking really preparing me better ? And I am also not sure how to do th Sprint training. At the moment it looks like this:
          *warm up
          *Sprint (7-10secs)
          *walking back ans rest( the rest of 1 minute)
          *start again when a new minute starts

          Weight Lifting:
          At the moment i do 3 sets of 10-12 reps. Should I do less reps. and more weight?