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  • increasing flexibility

    I take bjj and realized i need to increase my flexibitly to make up for my shortness. should I just stretch in various ways non-stop throughout the day, or 3 times a day? or once a day? is there a right and wrong way to increase flexibitly?

    Also does anyone have any basic full body stretch routines. I know a few stretches but idk if im covering everything properly...

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    Sorry for the somewhat standard response, but looking into yoga would probably be a good bet to get good stretches and gain flexibility. As for how much/how often, primal is all about what feels right, isn't it?
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      basically, you can look up any number of stretching routines, but i can also say that the yoga sun salutation is meant to basically stretch the whole body -- in the front and back -- and is really only lacking the inner thigh/groin area to be honest. so, sun salutations are pretty basic (you can find descriptions online) -- and then you might add a wide leg forward bend (seated or standing).


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        I find the classes like yoga pull your ligaments and tendons and weaken them. As a result it enables joints to be put in weird position.Its not what id class as healthy flexibility .To get the results from these classes you have to over train. This can increase the chance of injury. I just lift weights carefully and through a full range of motion and im as flexible as ive ever been.. Since i stopped stretching i don't get niggles within the joints and generally feel a lot stronger.


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          actually, yoga classes do not "like" to do that, though there is a style (yin yoga) that does, most other styles avoid pulling on ligaments and tendons, and instead, focus on muscle strength and stretching.

          this is, of course, assuming that 1. the teacher is teaching properly and 2. the student is practicing properly based on instruction.

          i agree with you that pulling on ligaments and tendons does not make for stable joints (or for good stretching), though sometimes -- with specific and careful application -- it can be appropriate. but that's rare, and like i said, specific.


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            i have really bad flexibility and its only something i have been working on for a few weeks but this guy has really helped A LOT. highly recommended.


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              Originally posted by tommyho1 View Post
              My weak attempt at a journal:



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                Yin Yoga versus Hatha Yoga
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                  Mobility WOD -- I need it badly. I've bookmarked the site and I'll give it a try.


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                    Obviously the yoga you've experienced is a lot different to mine.But i do live in the uk. I know Doug mcguff wrote an article on stretching vs non stretching.He did an experiment of two groups of people of random people of all ages. Performing the exact same training protocol. One group performed stretches and the other group did not. Over a period of six weeks the group who stretched reported more injury's. and the group without stretching had made more progress when tested at the 6 weeks.. The amount of truth in this im not sure. But since i read this ive stopped stretching altogether and have had absolutely no niggles at all.


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                      mobility WOD is awesome.

                      rob -- i have no problem with your experience or the article. ROM movement is important for flexibility, and this is the core of asana yoga.

                      problem is, most people "overstretch" moving into ligaments and tendons, rather than working in the muscle. this is true whether it's yoga or stretching or whatever. a lot of people go too far.

                      I just feel a strong need to clarify when people make incorrect statements about my profession.


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                        Overstretching -- that's a very good point, Zoebird.

                        I tend toward fibro, and if I overstretch or even if I work on trigger points too deeply, I can get injuries which last for months.

                        I'll start very gradually, I think.


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                          yes, and if you start with yoga, go with someone knowledgable. it makes a huge difference.


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                            Thanks, Zoebird


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                              Im not doubting your profession, im agreeing with you that people do over stretch the tendons and ligaments,

                              There is no issue with stretching and working it into the muscle. Which is exactly what i said when lifting weights and moving through a full range of motion.