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Tempted to Abandon Fasted Workouts

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  • Tempted to Abandon Fasted Workouts

    LG overall worked great for me, and it took a long time to learn to lift fasted, but part of me just wants to see if I will be able to lift more if I eat before the workouts... Will eating on the 3 lifting days screw up with the hunger control the LG gives on the other 4 days of the week? Does eating before-hand really makes any difference?
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    Heavier weights or for longer duration?


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      I've wonderd this myself as I've been lifting fasted for several months now (maybe a year?). I don't think you have to ditch LG to do this. One of Martin's protocols (I think it's actually the one he recommends to people with flexible schedules so maybe the one he considers most ideal) has a small pre-workout meal: The Leangains Guide | Intermittent fasting diet for fat loss, muscle gain and health

      I think fasted training is maybe more targeted for fat loss, though I think you could lose or gain weight with any of the protocols depending on your overall food intake.

      Give it a shot and let us know how it goes!
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        Unfortunately, I can't do flexible schedules A big dinner is a must for me, or I wake up early, starved, and I have to lift 1st thing in the morning to have an access to the equipment & have my life on rails! My weekend workout that is 1.5 hour later than the weekday (gym opens later) is weaker imo (longer fast?)

        My workouts always clock around 50 min - 1 hr, with 3 lifts and ~ 10 min minutes of support in the end. I do not want to go longer. I would like to lift heavier, because I have been stalling for a while around decent but not impressive numbers. There are a few lifts I really would like to see myself to get.

        I know that an isolate shake (~ 75 cals) did not charge me up much. Will a couple of eggs before setting out be a good start?
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          You say you have to lift first thing in the morning? What is your eating schedule like now?


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            Lifting Day (weekday)

            Wake up: 4: 15 am
            coffee, water with fibre suppliment and creatine ~ 4:15 am to 5:15 am
            Gym: 5: 30 am, start lifting ~ 5:40 am to ~ 6: 30 am

            Food #0: broth (~ 20-40 cals) ~ 8-9 am

            Food #1 (sweet potato, beets with lean protein, cucumber or radishes) 10 am (14 hours fast)

            Lunch walk 11:30-12:15

            Food #2: eggwhites, ham, veggies ~ 1 pm
            Food #3: 1 tbsp of honey ~ 2 to 3 pm

            Stretch/free flow 2:45 pm-3:05 pm

            Light cardio, or HIIT + steam room/pool 4:30-5:15 pm

            Food #4: Dinner: large meal, lots of protein + veggies, with berries/fruit after + some nuts/nut butter: 6:30 to 8 pm

            Go to bed: 8:30 pm,

            Sleep: 9 pm- ~ 4 am (I am 7 hours sleeper, wake up naturally, rested).
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            When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.


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              I don't notice a huge difference between a morning workout after an overnight fast, or an afternoon workout after a much shorter "fast". I think mentally, I like later workouts, but that's probably got a lot to do with the fact that mornings suck.
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                Yeah, I guess I see the dilemma. You can't really have 14 hours of fasting if you break your fast pre-workout early in the morning and eat dinner at your normal time. Could you eat dinner earlier in the day? I'm not sure what to recommend exactly. I know that the Leangains protocols generally have the post-workout meal as soon after training as possible and Martin recommends taking BCAA every other hour after training if you aren't eating a meal.


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                  I can't workout fasted. I always workout between 4-5pm. I follow the "one pre workout meal" guidelines of leangains and it works beautifully.

                  I have to admitt, it always boggled my mind that individuals would train fasted when, originally, the protocol was for afternoon workouts. It was later adapted for those who, for whatever reason, have to workout in the morning. And even then, it's not supposed to be fasted, you are supposed to take BCAA prior to working out and afterwards.

                  Also, IF isn't magic. The way you have your workouts structured you could easily do a "regular meals" (breakfast, lunch, supper) set up with you carbs at breakfast after your workout, and tapered as the day goes on.
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                    Could you eat dinner earlier in the day?
                    Unfortunately, no, mainly because I do not sleep well if I am not full, but also it is a family meal that I cook and eat with my folks after a day at work.

                    My fear with 3 regural meals is that I tend to not be able to stop eating when I start eating early in the day, I just keep getting hungrier and hungrier. LG fixed that problem. The only way I can see it working is a 4 am breakfast, no lunch and 6-8 pm dinner, but it is HARD to fast through the day!
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                      Can you move your workouts to the afternoon?


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                        Ohhhhh light.bulb!

                        Why not do your cardio fasted in the morning where you are currently doing your weight training and do your weight training in the afternoon where you are currently doing your cardio!

                        Solution? Maybe?


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                          Because the whole high school next door to the gym fills up the weight room to bursting from 1 pm on, and in the morning it's just us, 6 or 8 regurals working mature folk.

                          I was just thinking about it while walking and it just occured to me, that I was only adding post-workout carb for a week. I need to give that time to see how that works before trying anything else!
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                          When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.