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Deltoid Size 0 to Visible at Rest (on a Female)?

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  • Deltoid Size 0 to Visible at Rest (on a Female)?

    I dream about having a visible deltoid when the arms are down, but my shoulders look relatively smooth when unflexed.

    What I do already: 3x week power lifting with the 5 clssic excersises including OHP, BP and BBR (in a 5x5 format); chin-ups & pull-ups ~ 5 times a week, whenever I pass the bars & sometimes dips; 2x week kettlebells, including 1-armed swings, overhead snatches, TGU, windmills and sitted bent over deltoid raises (in a 3x12 format). All the rputines I try to do with the progressive overload, but I am stalling for the last few months on the power lifting, currently trying to eat more to increase the lifts.

    I do not normally do isolation exsersises, except for those bo deltoid raises. But I really want to grow the delt, so if someone had a good success with going from Deltoid Size 0 to Size Visible at Rest, please, let me know what you did! Will it be productive to add 2 more sets of deltoid raises, the frontal and the standing lateral ones? Or does OHP take care of that anyway?
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    You're doing an awful lot of volume to hope for growth in anything.

    Delts "should' be hit by compounds but if it's not happening front and lateral raises will definitely hit 'em.
    Seems like a worthwhile experiment to target your goal.
    Remember to progress the weights/reps on iso's


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      My bicep and my quads seems to grow well. I also really watch for over-training, and skip or move a session when I feel that muscules are fatigued. I do drop KBs when I need extra recovery, but I normally keep all 3 lifting sessions.

      My KB's are light, ~ 20-25 min in a HIIT format, cardio endurance rather than power or strength builder. I just don't like bike that much, can't run till I get orthodics back, and I have swim and Zumba as alternative Intervals, but pool is too busy in the summer, and I don't like Zumba in the summer either.

      My power lifting sessions are 3 compound excersises each (SQT/BP/BBR and SQT/OHP/DL in Madcow for SQT's, 3x5 for UB to progress to Madcow once fail 3x5 on the load phase), so do I just add delts to that with heavier dumbells for 6-8 reps each set? What will be the best for growth:

      3 sets of the SAME delt raise, but different delt raise on each of the 3 lifting days?
      1 set of EACH of the delt raises on each lifting day?
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        Definitely a lot of volume on top of a 5x5 program. What's your weight on the presses? And how much are you eating? Strength programs are very good at increasing strength, but an increase in size will only occur if you're eating enough to sustain recovery and growth. Another way to put it is that weight gain is all diet: training will simply ensure that most of that added mass is muscle and not fat.


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          My weight on the press is super-pathetic. I made it to 65 lbs for 5 reps, and couldn't advance past it on the first 12 week deload-reload cycle (Madcow), and grinding up again this 12 week cycle, but I am doing UB lifts in 3x5 style now. I weigh 124 or so lbs, so it is ~ 1/2 body weight for me on the OHP. It has been the suckiest lift for me.

          I will drop 1 KB session then for sure & do a swim instead.

          My eating is basically eat till full, with light eating at lunch, and a heavy dinner. I train fasted for lifting and do protein with some fat & tiny carb before HIIT (like sardines with cucumber). I do classic Paleo with emphasis on protein as far as food selections go, LG protocol for schedule, and started useing sweet potato and beets post-workout to increase carbs & comply with LG idea of carbs only meal after lifting. I just started eating extra carbs, so I cannot say if it helped yet. My weight is stable.
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          When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.