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  • pullup assist band

    I just had a chance to try out a resistance band to do assisted pullups, and it worked great! Now I'm all psyched to get one. The gym where I used it had bands that looked exactly like the ones in this article:

    They're called Iron Woody bands (I blush just typing the name!). I tried several of them, and I think the blue 1 1/8" one will work the best for me. Unfortunately you can't buy just one. I don't want a pair, and the sets come with heavy-duty bands that make pullups way too easy for me.

    I found a similar one here:

    Thoughts? Recommendations? Other suggestions? Thanks! I'm SO excited to be able to do pullups!

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    I also got my pull up band starter pack from woody bands - they are excellent. I had to start with the black band and have recently gone to green - wahoo progress - Yay me - thanks to woody bands!