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  • Pilates IS Primal!!

    This post is just a reminder that Pilates mat exercises are the ideal complimentary exercises to any primal workout. Jo Pilates even reminds me of Mark in many aspects like their physique, dedication, knowledge, and motivation! If you see pictures of Jo, you'll probably see him in his boxer shorts without a shirt and barefoot, training outdoors..He later developed the equipment (reformers, chairs, cadillac etc) so that people with injuries could train laying down in order to get better..

    Joseph Pilates, Life and Biography

    I can attest that anyone who takes up Pilates (and knows the basics of working out) will reach their ideal body shape (defined upper body, 6-pack abs, strong defined legs). I have been working as an instructor for the past 10 years and I have seen incredible things, and thats why I am so passionate about it. Especially when combined with the Primal way of eating and lifestyle.

    As a starting point, and as an addition/alternative to Mark's exercise suggestions, I would suggest these exercises from the Pilates mat repertoire for someone following the primal nutrition way who wants a 6-pack:

    Roll Up (x 8-10)
    Double Straight Leg Stretch (x 8-10)
    Criss Cross (x 10-12)
    Teaser (x4, 3 sets)
    Pilates Push Up (x4, 3 sets)

    Im pretty sure you can find the directions to these in any Pilates book..For any questions/tips I'd be happy to help!

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    I love pilates and yoga.. Definately helps keep my supple enough for horseriding! =D
    Bunny trainer extraordinaire!


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      yoga is way better! yoga is way better! it's lower in carbs! LOL

      btw, welcome to the boards. I teach yoga, and have been since forever (1994/5) -- the way back when. so, you know how it is.

      Yoga is way better! :P


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        I have to admit, I'm a little fuzzy on the diffrence between pilates and yoga! All I know is they both help with suppleness and core stability and they're both calming and relaxing and I like them! XD
        Bunny trainer extraordinaire!


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          LOL @zoebird! Of course I have to say now that PILATES IS BETTER!! good to meet you, Ive only done a bit of aerial yoga and some headstands, other than that I definitely prefer Pilates! Jo Pilates studied yoga while developing his exercise repertoire, and modified some yoga poses in order to make them safer and more effective..

          PixieKitten: I love how you love Pilates (and yoga), but they're as different as night and day!!


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            Hi Theodora. I have just started doing a Pilates class and I love it but there is a lot to remember and I find that when I go to do it at home I forget what we did in class if you know what I mean! Are there any youtube videos that you would recomend for a beginner just to do the basics at home?


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              Hi Animord! Great to hear you've started Pilates!
              I would suggest you pay real close attention to at least 2 mat abs exercises while u do them in class (also focus on where it hurts!)..And then repeat them immediately after u return home, and perform them daily..Its better to master 1 or 2 exercises and then add more, than knowing a bunch of exercises but not master them.
              For example, if you know how to perform the Hundred or the Roll Up perfect, u have the basis of learning way easier the rest of the exercises.
              So I would suggest a Pilates book (Alycea Ungaro's "Pilates Body in Motion" is awesome in my opinion) so u have all the tips there whenever u forget them, rather than watch someone perform the exercises..Pilates is not about copying someone else's pose, but about focusing on our own body and what it can do..
              But if I had to suggest a youtube video it would be by Erin Huggins (I havent watched them all but a couple are real good), cause she is really close to how I teach..
              I hope this helps!


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                Excellent, thanks very much. That's a great idea to break out just two and remember them. I will have a look at both the book and the Erin Huggins stuff. Actually this week in class I did focus on me rather than just watching and copying the teacher - I closed my eyes and listened to both her and my muscles and I think I learnt way more. At least my muscles are telling me this morning that they worked way harder this week!

                Thanks very much again.

                PS I lurrrrvvvve Pilates! So much fun!


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                  PS: Your PS totally made my day!!


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                    I have been permanently turned off pilates because what the average gym calls "pilates class" is 30 minutes of sit-ups and crunches... WTF?


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                      Hi unchatenfrance,
                      I dont know what the average gym calls pilates class, but the Pilates method of exercise is like learning a foreign language, and its way more than just sit-ups and crunches. The only way you would be able to see that though is if you are lucky enough to come across a great instructor at a gym, or take a few one-to-one classes at a good pilates studio..Which Im sure u could find near u if u did some research, the same way we research and decide what to eat etc
                      Hope u decide to give it another shot!


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                        About the book suggestion:

                        Animord, I assumed ur a girl for some reason..Another great book is "Pilates for Men" by Daniel Lyon Jr., which obviously is targeted towards men, but is a great book to have for both men and women into Pilates. Except for presenting all the mat exercises, he also converts all equipment exercises into body-weight exercises, which is as primal as it gets! Strongly recommend!


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                          lol! I am a girl! and when I get to see what is under this fat I am carrying I want to find a lovely, toned girly body - hence the Pilates!


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                            Theodora, you would not believe the morons that work at my gym. They even had a "pilates studio" with a bunch of pilates tables in there and I asked at the reception about classes and the girl stared at me like I was from outer space. She had no idea what I was talking about and said that all the pilates classes are in the main aerobics studio without apparatuses. Sadly the pilates tables have now been replaced with a TRX set-up...


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                              @unchatenfrance: sorry to hear that...I dont like friends always take me with them to work out and I end up being bored and wanting to leave..I agree with Mark in working out on our own, or doing fun stuff outside as part of a workout..And then of course there's Pilates, which I love as a job and as a method of exercise, but I would never suggest anyone try it on their own at least in the beginning..So again, please look around your area for a decent pilates studio so u learn the basics, and then u can perfect it on your own anywhere..

                              @Animord: good to hear you're a girl, cause Pilates is the best way to reach your ideal body shape! (guys seem to think they're supposed to be bigger)..So keep it up, and anytime u need anything let me know!