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  • Six Pack Abs

    Started as pretty heavy back in January, and the other day, realized that I now nearly have a 6 pack.

    It's the nearly part I'm asking about though.

    Still trying to get the bodyfat down. Still working out.

    And yes, have read Sisson's ab's article--- I do lots of abs contractions these days, and some of those Tim Ferris myostatic (sp?) yoga ball crunches every other day or so, with some hanging leg raisers thrown in now and again.

    Really want to make some progress on the lower abs, and the obliques.

    Diet aside: recommendations? Things that work best for you?
    For those of you with six pack abs, other then dropping to below 8% bf, what does one do?

    I feel the 6 pack is the friggin grail of being in shape.
    With regard to abs exercises, have just been playing around, really.
    Help me choose wisely?

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    I am guilty of still doing AB exercises to make mine pop. I have an inversion table and I invert daily. A couple times every week I have a workout that I do while I am inverted. I started off just doing inverted situps and inverted crossover crunches and I've gotten to the point to where I need weights (dumbbells are what I use) for the inverted situps. My upper abs have been visible for a long time but they are bulgier looking now.


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      I haven't done anything resembling a crunch in a really long time. My abs look the way the do because I train hard and eat (mostly) clean. I know it might sound weird, but the less you think about your abs, and the more you focus on clean eating and intense training, the more it all just falls into place. At least that's been my experience.
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        I'm at the point where the only thing I have left to do is make them bigger, because there isn't anything left covering them. I've been doing Convict Conditioning for a while and it seems to be working, but slowly. I probably could be training harder, though.


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          I see mine really well (got veins in the lower abs) and I haven't done a crunch in... years probably. Do sports you like. Eat well. That's it.


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            Arthur jones once said there are two reason people have abs. Besides being a genetic freak. and thats over training or under eating. Drew baye touches upon abs in his seminar at the 21st convention.Ive posted the link below.

            Ive got abs showing through and haven't done a crunch in years. I find a nice set of slow chin ups sufficient and always get burnt abs from them.

            Drew Baye T21C 2009 [Full] -- High Intensity Training Explained - YouTube

            click to 59 minutes in.