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    Ok, so I've been lifting again for about a year now and as of yet I haven't used any artificial supports (lifting belts, wrist wraps, etc.). My chest, shoulders, and back have gotten much stronger and my squat has gone up significantly, but I'm still stuck in the 315-335lbs range for deadlifts. I can get like 4 reps but my grip just goes out after that. I'm reluctant to use wrist wraps because I want to have the grip strength to be able to actually lift whatever I'm deadlifting, but jeez it's frustrating. What say you?

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    Work on your grip. Use static deadlift holds for time, do lots of dumbbell rows as heavy as you can for as many reps as you can. Do you supinate one hand? If so, after 4 reps, switch grips and pronate that hand and supinate the other. (I just like to say supinate a lot.)

    Also, get a pair of Fat Gripz and do rows with them. It will improve your grip as well.

    I don't use straps except when I do shrugs, since I"m shrugging well over 100 lbs more than I can reasonably deadlift. For any of the major lifts, I avoid them.


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      Whilst I fully understand and respect the notion of being able to grip whatever you are lifting, if straps help you reach a goal, use them. This is especially true if your grip is effecting overall form i.e. it is better to use straps than not and end up with shoulders slumped forward for example

      However, it is also important to work on grip strength. I tend to start a deadlift session with a standard overhand grip, then change to alternate grip when, necessary, and finally use straps. That way the earlier lifts help develop grip strength, but grip fatigue does not negatively effect the overall workout.


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        @maclrc: I don't fully disagree, but there's something to be said for "if you're grip isn't strong enough to lift it, maybe you shouldn't be lifting it." In other words, the strap is a crutch, and you shouldn't be lifting more than your entire system can handle as measured by the weakest link in the system. Mark has a post on it and it rings true. That said, grip isn't an issue for me yet, so we'll see how I feel when I'm bumping up against that problem.


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          Captains of Crush hand grippers and training tools for building hand strength

          Be serious about your grip training. Also, no reason to be doing high reps of 90%+ on deadlifts. You'll make better gains by keeping the reps low on near max weight.


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            For you DIY'ers

            Homemade Thick Bar
            My weak attempt at a journal:



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              I have the exact same problem , I have found like Abu mentioned that having one grip overhand and one underhand boosted my poundage's but my grip always gives out before anything else.
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