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  • Finger Tip Pushups

    Anyone do pushups on their finger tips? I tried this today, and I could barely support myself on my finger tips. I hear they are great for building hand strength, and they are used in martial arts training. Do you guys find them to be useful/necessary? Are there any risks that outweigh potential rewards? Did you start out doing them or did you have to build up to them?

    In one of the martial arts forums, someone said they could lead to blindness due to the force on certain pressure points in the finders and hands. I find this highly improbable though.

    Just trying to evaluate if I should go down this road.


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    Originally posted by Steve-O View Post
    Do you guys find them to be useful/necessary?
    Anything that specialized can't be necessary.
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      I had a piano teacher that made me do finger presses against a wall, much like a push up but with a lot less weight. Eventually, I graduated to fingertips on chairs, fingertip knee push ups to full blown fingertip push ups. I haven't had any problems with functionality. My eyesight is fine (doing them since 8 years old. I'm 36 now). The only benefits I can perceive on myself are better piano/guitar playing. I haven't attempted any tiger claw kung fu strikes or such. There might be a correlation to my grip strength but don't quote me on that.

      Fingertip push ups look cool for sure.
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        As with anything, start easy and progress but I hardly doubt you'd be missing out on much if you never bothered with them. I sometimes do finger tip push ups (full push ups) but not often enough to really build that up.

        I've seen a guy do handstand push ups on only three fingers (thumb, index and middle) now that shit was impressive. I've also seen a video of a buddhist monk doing a handstand using only his index fingers, that shit blew my mind.

        I should be more diligent at them. I'd like to hold an L-sit on fingers, or someday do a planche on fingers... but that's assuming I ever achieve a plance in general.
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          From what I understand this is something Roger Maris used to do and would make sense that it would improve grip strength. I have done it and it intensifies any pushup routine. I wouldn't call it specialized at all. Why not make push ups more difficult by getting up on your fingertips.
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            Ted Williams used to do 100 fingertip pushups, with his feet up on a chair. That has to have helped his legendary power. As for having an effect on eyesight, his remained excellent.
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              I do 'em! Like others have said, however, they aren't a fundamental or essential exercise. They will make your hands stronger though!

              You could do one hand flat/one hand fingertips and do alternating sets like that until you're strong enough to do both hands on the fingertips together. Or do knee fingertip push-ups.
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                Thanks for the thoughts. Maybe if they help me get closer to becoming a hall of famer or kung fu master or both, then it's worth it!

                Maybe I'll work at them separate from my normal workout routine, and see how far I get.

                I guess the question is how essential to me is having strong hands?


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                  Strong hands mean strong arms, don't neglect that ... doesn't have to be just through finger tip push ups, but grip strength is important.
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                    Considering Kenpo has an entire set or two devoted to finger strikes, we practice these to harden the fingers for gouges and soft tissue strikes. It's important to make sure your fingers don't bend back too much or you are just inducing joint stress.


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                      Hmm, I think I'm gonna' incorporate fingertip pushups into my routine! I do maybe 20-30 a day. Did anyone see that Bruce Lee special? He was doing Two Finger pushups using just his thumb and forefinger!
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                        Another thing about fingertip pushups worth considering, it elevates your hand a few inches, gets you a bit deeper down. You'll feel a nice range of motion, in addition to whatever it does or doesn't do for your fingers.


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                          As someone mentioned, start against the wall, then a table or chair, then on your knees on the floor. This will help build the strength in your hands and forearms.