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  • Help with Foot Injury

    Over the weekend, I kicked a metal wheel rim with the bottom of my right foot. I was trying to manually turn the tire of an old car, by striking it with the ball of my food (toes up). I caught the metal rim around the middle of my foot (horizontally) and right on the padding under my toes. It hurt a lot, but I walked it off. It was a dull pain the rest of the day, I wasn't really limping, just a bruise.

    Last night, as I'm lying in bed, I noticed the pain was increasing. I tried to stand up and noticed that my ankle was stiff. It became harder to walk the longer I stayed off of it.

    The pain is hard to describe, and I know very little about foot anatomy. It feels like a bruise, but I feel it in different places depending on how I move my foot. Just standing, or even squating, I don't feel any pain with my weight evenly distributed. I can stand on my tip-toes and only feel pain if I push really hard. If I try to do some flexion to the right (put the outside of my foot against the ground, bending ankle in) it hurts along the top of my foot. If I do some flexion to the left (put the inside of my big toe on the ground, bending ankle out) it hurts along the inside medial arch. I can attempt plantar flexion without much discomfort unless I try to flex my ankle in or out horizontally. Attempting dorsal flexion causes pain in the medial arch. Similarly, if I put a ball or water bottle under my foot, to roll it, I get a lot of arch pain.

    My foot and ankle aren't popping, cracking, grinding, or giving any indication of bone damage. I am trying to keep it moving here at work, so it doesn't get stiff. I'm walking with a pretty noticeable limp, but its getting better as I warm up. I've been taking ibuprofen, which seems to help, as well as wearing a sports ankle brace. There isn't really any swelling either.

    Does anyone have any idea what I did? Does it sound like a bruise? Its weird that the arch, ankle, and top of foot (on the right side, towards the outside) hurt, and not just the initial impact spot. I'm doing upper body and abs today, and tomorrow as going to be sprinting...obviously that's not happening. I'm going to do some squats, boxing, and stretching instead.

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    Anyone? Bueller?


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      Could have damaged the plantar fascia possibly? Usually that manifests as heel pain, but after chronic onset.

      That being said, if it hurts and it isn't getting better see a doctor.


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        sounds like you bruised the soft tissue and swelling is present from the inflammatory process (stiffness). probably will take a few days to fully heal (may even take a week or so). id suggest to keep taking the anti-inflammatory to curb excess inflammation if needed. could always chuck some ice on there as well.

        edit: you probably dont need to wear the ankle brace, but if it makes you feel better keep wearing it for the pain relief.
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          My workout went fine last night. I was able to stabilize myself to do the upper body stuff. The foot was a little sore this morning, but I didn't wear the brace. By noon, I was taking the stairs two at a time like normal. Its still a little rough, but I can jump on it if I'm careful. Should be brand new in a few days.

          Thanks guys!