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  • combo grok fitness regimen

    so i know that mark talks about low to medium intensity cardio, and i love to hike. i know mark also recommends sprinting once a week to get that heart rate up, often in interval style (tabata sequence, etc...).

    i've been combining these two ideas lately and really like the way it works, and i'm wondering if anyone else here does this sort of thing. i'll take a hike somewhere [even a walk in a park will do if you don't live near mountains (thankfully i do!)], and after about a mile, i'll stop and do 5 sets of burpees and 5 sets of jumping jacks, resting 20 - 30 seconds between each of the 10 total sets. then, i catch my breath, and keep hiking! mind you the hiking is at a more relaxed medium pace, but i feel like this combines both things that marks recommends, and it feels great to me.

    if you still have energy to burn after the hike, throw in some walking lunges. personally, i like to do upperbody movements (pushing & pulling) separately, but that's just me.

    anybody out there groking out like this?