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Weight Training, PB style, w/ no weights?

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  • Weight Training, PB style, w/ no weights?

    I want to start this by saying I've got very little experience w/ fitness/exercise stuff. I LOVE yoga (the only exercise I've ever loved besides horsebackriding), and practice pretty intense vinyasa flow/'power' yoga regularly. But it really feels to me like the low intensity exercise Mark talks about in the PB book--not like the weekly high intensity weight training and sprint stuff...

    So, I'm interested in doing some high intensity 'weight training', and looking for ideas. I'd LOVE to do this by just using my own body weight but am not sure if that's possible/an option...? (I've read about burpees here--not sure if they count as weight training??) But really, any ideas you all have are welcome! I'd love whatever I do to be able to be done in my (small) home, with what I've got here (which is regular home stuff, no work out equiptment or weights etc...not sure that's possible...)

    Any thoughts/ideas are welcome!!! And details and links etc.--I really know nothing about any of this... And sorry if I've screwed up the terminolgy, I'm SOOOO a 'fitness' newbie!


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    You can achieve some really amazing results with body weight training.

    Hit up youtube and check out Turbulence Training or Craig Ballantyne.

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      TOTALLY possible! You know that "Women of Crossfit" post from a couple days ago?

      I look like that.

      And I did most of it with body weight and a couple lousy 12-pound dumbbells, plus a healthy dose of creativity.

      Pushups. Do as many standard pushups as you can, even if it's only a few. Then do "girly style" to max out. You'll get there. I started at 6 standard in March and can now do 35 incline (feet up on an 18-inch platform) -- multiple sets.

      Pullups. Start with pull-downs (get an assist up, then lower slowly.) I used my square iron deck railing and a ladder. Whatever works!

      Squats. Start with air squats & go all the way down (that stop-when-knees-are-at-90-degrees business is crap). Then add weight, even if it's just a backpack full of sand.

      Planks. Straight-leg deadlifts w/ dumbbells. Hanging leg raises. The list is endless!

      For metabolic conditioning, you can do sprints, hill sprints, and/or faster versions of the above. Google Tabata and give it a try! Run stairs. Carry buckets full of water. Buy extra dog food and haul the bag around the house. Whatever it takes! Have fun!

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        Woo Hoo! Thanks for the responses both of you!

        @ Lovestoclimb--thanks for the youtube recs--I'm excited to check them.

        @ Barbeygirl--when you do this stuff, do you *just* do push-ups one day, or do you do push-ups, pullups, squats, planks etc. all at once until you're exhausted?

        I'm off to check the women of crossfit post...

        THANK YOU!!


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          I do it with Pilates, a lot of the advanced moves use body weight, particularly if you do them slow enough to eliminate momentum.


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            I have got in great shape w/ yoga and w/ body weight training. There are many levels to yoga and plenty of poses that work your muscles hard- for example chaturanga dandansana- hold that pose for a good little bit- then do it in the sequence of sun salutation a good 20 times and you will definitely build some muscle. I have always liked to do bodyweight exercises on a circuit of some type- do a set of one and then another on and on - mixed up with some type of cardio thing like box jumps or jumping jacks- jump rope- sprints etc.

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              @FairyRae -- It depends on the day. Here are a few, recent workouts I did:

              Max Match (Pick a few exercises. Max out on first set. Do 3 more sets, in rotation, meeting the first-set max each time even if you have to break it into sub-sets.) Yesterday's results:

              Pushups (w/ dumbbells): 30 / 25+5/ 17+7+5 / 20+10

              Lunges (w/ 24 lb db): 20 each leg / 20 ea / 10x2 ea / 10x2 ea

              Chinups (dead hang): 6 / 5+1 / 5+1 / 4+2

              HLRs (knee to elbow): 15 / 15 / 15 / 15


              Prison Workout (Muscle endurance and aerobic combo for small spaces). 3x rotation of:

              Thrusters (squat & overhead press) w/ 12 lb db 18/12/12

              Front plank (2 min, 1.5 min, 1 min)

              Burpees (18/12/12)

              Wall sit (2 min, 1.5, 1)

              Lunge jumps (18/12/12)

              Side planks (1 min each side, .75, .5)

              Plus, hauled 80 gallons of water out to the livestock


              Metabolic conditioning plus some bodyweight strength stuff:

              Tabata thrusters

              Side planks

              Tabata stair hops

              Hanging leg raises (straight and twisting)

              Tabata mountain climbers

              Front plank

              Plus, hauled more water!


              15 minute challenge (Do as many as you can of each exercise, rotatating as you max out, repeating until the 15 minutes are up)

              Air squats 90/45/30/30 = 195

              Pushups 35/25/16/15 = 91

              Situps 35/25/15/34 = 109


              Heavy day (well, as heavy as I can get with limited equipment -- but I just bought a barbell, etc! Woohoo!) 5x rotation of:

              Incline pushups 35/25/17/14/9

              Squats w/ db and sandpack 15/12/13/10/12

              Dips w/ 10 lbs in lap 12/10/9/9/6

              Pullups (dead hang) 6/4/3/4/4


              Hills repeats. Sprint up a 100 meter hill. Repeat 8x.


              Hope that helps!

              I never work "to exhaustion" in the sense that I'm wiped out for the whole day, though some of these workouts will keep my breathing elevated for 20 minutes after I finish, and some involve repeated max-out sets.

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                Just doing some of the things recommended by the first 2 posters last night *felt* like my typical yoga stuff. I seriously just didn't think it counted...Maybe because it all feels so good? (I clearly have a negative association w/ the idea of fitness/working out.) All the squats, lunges, push-ups, even side plank etc. I was doing last night felt like variations on stuff I do w/ yoga all the time, and did not feel any more difficult...

                I here you soror--chaturanga is AWESOME and very strengthening. I do around 5 sun salute a's then 5 sun salute b's in the morning before doing my full practice (which also involves lots of them). I've built lots of muscle just from practicing regularly (like an hour+ a day) of intense vinyasa flow stuff, involving arm balances etc...I just really didn't think it counted...There are certainly times when I'm ready to fall flat on my mat in exhaustion after a class/practice b/c it's been so awesome and challenging...

                Kay, I've enjoyed adding some pilates things into mt yoga practice at times in the past as well--I'll totally revisit that!

                So, all this stuff really counts? I may just create a bumped up yoga practice each week if so, adding some of the things from the ideas posted plus some pilates stuff...This is very exciting!!!


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                  Thank you for all the details BarbeyGirl!!! That's really helpful!


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                    I'm working up to the Prison Workout! Starting with (1) pushups (girly at this point, but I'll get there!), (2) either lunges or squats, (3) either side or regular planks, (4) some jumping, then (5) either attempting pull-ups or pike press.


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                      Animal training is really good for conditioning. Bear walks, crab walks, alligator walks, rabbit hops... they sound childish but do any of them for two minutes straight and you'll be dying. Mix and match to get about ten minutes for a killer workout.

                      Core body exercises are pushups, pullups, dips, squats, et cetera. Something I have been wanting to try for a while but have not yet done is mixing Tabata sprints and pushups during the intervals... run 100 meters, 20 pushups, repeat another seven times. Running is a great way to get your lower (and to an extent upper) body in great shape. The addition of a hill is a real killer; do some hill sprints until your legs are wobbly, a routine I can attest to as a great strength-builder.

                      For upper body, try static hangs on a pullup bar with your palms facing away from you. Hang as long as you can, repeat several times for a set. Do a set three times per day. If you cannot do a pullup now this will get you to at least one. Once you can do one, just do 10 sets of 1 with however much rest you need inbetween. Progress weekly if possible. Also, "greasing the groove" by doing a pullup every time you pass the bar is a great way to build muscle memory.


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                        My 2.5 yo son will love 'animal training' stuff--I certainly could do all of those things while playing w/ him! And from the little I've done during play (I'm thinking of crab walking) I recall it being very challenging/intense!

                        Thanks for the wonderful ideas--I'm learning a ton and excited to try lots of this!


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                          I don't know about you, but I found Yoga incredibly hard. Definitely requires great strength and balance. I usually do P90X, and they have a Yoga workout that's an hour and a half. I hated it, but I might give it another try with another Yoga workout that's shorter. I know you can do Crossfit without equipment,I know because I looked into it. You can get a PDF off their site that basically lists all their workouts that can be done with or without weight. It's pretty great.


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                            Kaizen, sweet--I'll totally check out the cross fit site!

                            I think yoga *can* be really hard, or a really awesome and intense workout (or a really relaxing, restorative practice--just depends on the style and intensity, and where YOU are in your practice...) I just love it so much (and have seriously disliked so many other forms of 'working out' in the past) that I didn't think it *counted*. I am MUCH stronger from my yoga practice, and this thread has really reassured me that I already *am* doing a lot of strength training w/ my practice.

                            I woud LOVE to get my hands on the P90X yoga workout, just to see how it is, and to practice it at home! I have Shiva Rhea's Yoga Shakti and Bryan Kest's Power Yoga DVD's which I think are the most challenging yoga dvd's I've found available. (If you have any recs for other yoga dvds, please share!) I do enjoy them, and use them when I'm at home, but I still find them much less challenging than my actual vinyasa flow yoga class (which I can afford to go to just 1x weekly, although I'm very grateful for being able to do that!!) Hmmm--I wonder if I could find the P90X yoga dvd online somewhere, sold by itself??

                            I spent some time this morning chasing my ds and the kiddo I watch in various animal-walking positions. Lots of fun, and it did tire me out after a while. They both loved it, of course--I'll be doing this regularly at their request I'm sure!!


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                              @BarbeyGirl: Thanks for the workout details. I'm trying to incorporate more fitness into my Primal living and would love to do something in the comfort of my home this winter. I'm going to try some of your suggestions.