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I forgot I am not that fit....hehe...*silly me*

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  • I forgot I am not that fit....hehe...*silly me*

    So, that's me alright...a 39 year old woman thinking she can sprint after a bus and not be injured!

    Mind you, I caught the damn thing but as a result have perhaps torn something in my upper thigh. As a result I am limping along happily, not looking forward to older age when this might happen more often.

    I am ok but every time I take a step forward I am reminded of my sprinting!Let's hope it will pass and I will get some training under my belt so this won't happen again.


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    Hey - at least you caught the bus!

    I have been known to run for a bus, miss it, and keep jogging past the bus stop so it looks like I wasn't *actually* after the bus.... I just really needed to get off licence!! Haha!

    Maybe try some gentle stetching at home to ease the shock?


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      Ice ice ice!

      ...and not just for a few minutes with a bag of frozen peas.

      Freeze some dixie cups full of water and use them to massage the injury for 15 minutes out of every hour, rubbing the ice directly against your skin, firmly but not hard enough to exacerbate the injury. Believe me, the cold will penetrate much more deeply (and benefically) when you do this.

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        Hope you heal quick maranne!

        Your injury has nothing to do with age and everything to do with your activity level. I was practically bedridden for 2 months at my lowest point several years ago. I was trying to heal myself from ulcerative colitis with the SCD diet and I got worse and worse and could barely stand up.

        I went to the emergency room and had to run across the street after getting off the bus and it felt like my legs just atrophied or something. It was very painful and I was only 24.

        Humans are meant to move. Our bodies don't just break down with age like the media would like us to think. Sure there is some degrading of performance but not everyone is destined for arthritis and back pain just because they get older. Your only 39 too... There are plenty of 90 year old Okinawans still climbing trees to pick fruit ; )


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          Thank you ladies...actually the above said injury happened last week and I was ok. Only after accidentally running again it felt worse.

          I am doing gentle yoga to help it get better. Strangely enough, it only hurts when I walk.